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Would you rather? Book Tag

The Would you rather? Book Tag was found on Rattlethestars blog while blog hopping. The Book tag was originally found on A Fictional Bookworm‘s site.

Hello bookworks! Happy Saturday!

Things are slowly getting back to normal here at A Novel Idea. I’ve been blog hopping around, trying to catch up with some of my favorite book bloggers and trying to find some new ones to add to my rss queue. Not to mention, planning out and formatting blog posts ahead of time. I’m working toward slowly transitioning back to my three day schedule once the Art Shop is up.

Now it wouldnt be your typical day at A Novel Idea if there wasn’t a book tag!

Would you rather? Book’ Tag

Would you rather only read ebooks or audiobooks?

Ebooks is the way to go for me! I’ve tried audiobooks but have the horrible tendency to tune them out or judge the narrator when they make the character’s voices.

With ebooks, I get to focus on the story itself and not a voice.

Would you rather kiss the villain of your favourite book/series or hurt your favourite character?

oof…..I’m not even going to play with you guys. We all know that I am an occasional Villain Supporter. So kiss the villain of my favorite book series 🙂

Would you rather read all the books you want every single month but barely remember the plot or read 2 books a month but remember everything about them?

Read the 2 books a month! What’s the point of reading a book if you can’t remember the wonderful (sometimes not) adventure you went on?

Would you rather read a book you love while listening to an album you hate or read a book you hate while listening to an album you love?

Read the book I love while listening to an album I hate.

I wont be hearing the album soon enough. When I zone into a book, I really zone in!

Would you rather be able to go to your favourite fantasy world but no one can see you or go to a fantasy world you hate but everyone can see you?

AH! This one is hard but I’m all about the adventure so Go to a fantasy world I hate but everyone can see me!

I feel like if I lived in a Fantasy world I loved but couldn’t interact with my favorite characters, I’d be very depressed.

Would you rather only read historical fiction novels or sci-fi?

Historical Fiction if it has Romance themes in it 🙂

Would you rather only read the books but never watch the movie/TV show adaptations or only watch the adaptations but never read the books?

It is not a secret how I feel about book’s movie/tv show adaptations. (Is still simmering with rage about Vampire Academy Movie and The Secret Circle TV Show).

I already only read the books but never watch the movie/TV show adaptations 🙂

Would you rather only read backlist titles or new releases?

I feel called out!

If I had control over my perfectly bad self control, I would read my backlist…haha….

Would you rather only read standalones or series?


Would you rather always be able to guess the twist, or never being able to guess the twist?

Never be able to guess the twist. It’s very rare that I don’t guess the twist and those moments are honestly the BEST. I love being bamboozled!

Honestly, I think this has been one of my favorite book tags this year! So fun!
Let me know your answers below or drop the link to your post! I would love to read your answers!



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