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Top 3 Rituals for getting back into the Reading mindset

Hello Fellow Book Lovers! I hope you all had a productive weekend!

In all honesty, I had a lot of trouble coming up with a Top Tuesday post for you guys; Especially since I took a short Hiatus in March to re-calibrate the good ol’ brain here. I haven’t finished the book I was reading, hadn’t picked up a new one, and hadn’t prepared a review of one I reread….I was completely unprepared.

While jotting down some ideas, I decided why not write about something I do when I haven’t picked up a book in a while. It is something that is relevant to a few fellow bloggers, as hopping around I saw that I was not the only one in a funk during March.

Like a few avid readers, there comes a time when you are spent. You have traveled to too many far off worlds in too short of time or something came along and knocked you off the road to your next destination. I’ve been there quite a few times. I’m still kinda there. Granted, not as I was a few years back.

Letting you guys on a little secret here…the longest I went without reading a book was two years….[I know, shocking!]

Taking a break is good. I condone it. Give your mind a moment’s rest and when you are ready to travel again but don’t know where to start try Top 3 Rituals for getting back into the Reading mindset:

  1. Start off small: Many times we want to jump right back into 500 – 600 page books after a long break. I usually start off with a small novel that I can finish in about a few hours or maybe even two.
  2. Find a book or read about something that currently interests you: When we try to jump back into the swing of things, we usually go straight for that TBR list. Try to find something new and current to help you break out of the funk.
  3. Read something out of your preference: This one is hard, even for me. However, I’ve found it that it helps me get back into things. If I had left off in the middle of a book before I took a break and want to finish it, I find that reading something else outside of my usual preference helps me find my momentum. I’ll finish the new book, go to the previous unfinished one and read from the last chapter I left off.

These rituals [habits?] I follow aren’t something out of this world but they are methods that have helped me find my way again. And I hope they can help or inspire you when you need it.


Do you have any rituals/methods/habits to help you get over a reading funk? I would love to know! Tag me on your blog post or share your answer below!

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