Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 5

Once again, It’s time to dust some cobwebs and fall in love (possibly) all over again with books from our Past.

If you haven’t stumbled across my previous post on this tag, go over and take a look: Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 4

Just in case any of you are new, the rules are simple:

  • You haven’t read the book recently (has to have been at least 3 years and back)

Voila! Simple, right?

While you’re dusting the dust off those pages and reading the excerpt on the back, ask yourself the following:

  1. When did you read it?
  2. Do you think you would you read it again now?
  3. Did this book have any impact on what type of books you read today?

[Feel Free to modify the list any way you want]

Title: Fruits Basket

Author: Natsuki Takaya

Pages: 216


(Click on the image to purchase from Amazon)

To celebrate the release of the new Fruits Basket anime, this week TBT book is Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya.

Fruits Basket was one of the few cases where I watched the anime first then read the manga. I was completely enamored with the characters especially Kyo.

I remember walking several blocks to my local library and inquiring to see if they had the manga in stock. They only had the first 5 volumes, but I was eager to read them right away. I didn’t even check them out, I grabbed all of them, sat in a corner away from everyone else and binge read them.

Now it wasn’t until I was older that I got to finish the series. My local library never had the rest of the volumes and every book store I went sporadically had them. I wanted them all.

So as the years passed, I contented myself with watching the anime. It wasn’t until I was in college that I managed to get my hands on all the volumes and read them all.

There were tears. Depression. Complete and unending joy. I went through all stages of grief for the Sohma’s. And I subjected myself again through all that three weeks before to prepare myself for the reboot! 😀

Fruits Basket is an amazing story. While Inuyasha was the anime that got me hooked on manga and anime, Fruits Basket was the one that opened my eyes to Shoujo.

I will alway re-read the volumes whenever I get the chance to!

What is your TBT book? What’s your favorite manga/anime? Feel free to comment below or tag me on your post! <3


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  1. […] If you haven’t stumbled across my previous post on this tag, go over and take a look: Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 4 […]

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