Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 3

Hello fellow readers, I hope you’re all having a great Thursday!

Once again, It’s time to dust some cobwebs and fall in love (possibly) all over again with books from our Past.

If you haven’t stumbled across my previous post on this tag, go over and take a look: Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 2

Just in case any of you are new, the rules are simple:

  • You haven’t read the book recently (has to have been at least 3 years and back)

Voila! Simple, right?

While you’re dusting the dust off those pages and reading the excerpt on the back, ask yourself the following:

  1. When did you read it?
  2. Do you think you would you read it again now?
  3. Did this book have any impact on what type of books you read today?

[Feel Free to modify the list any way you want]

Title: Snow Like Ashes

Author: Sara Raasch

Pages: 416


(Click on the image to purchase from Amazon)

This week TBT book is Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch.

I picked up Snow Like Ashes, like most books I’ve come to enjoy, merely by chance.

It was a sunny day about four years ago. I was wandering about in a Barnes and Noble in Florida, part escaping the heat and part spending money I shouldn’t be spending, when I spotted this book across the floor.

I honestly dont know what possessed me to pick it up, all I knew was that it was a pretty cover. Snow covered ground, a symbol of some sort atop it that held two different seasons within it, and lettering that took up the entire cover; I turned the book over and took a look at the excerpt. I remember there being an impulse of READ IT READ IT READ IT, so I bought it.

Snow Like Ashes took me on an adventure I didn’t know I wanted at the time. It was nothing new, mind you, but it was done differently. I was pleasantly surprised at the actions that some characters took and aggravated at other parts of the story. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t roll my eyes at certain pages, but the book is interesting enough to have kept me reading.

Looking at Snow Like Ashes now, I can see myself rereading it and reading the rest of the trilogy. 🙂

What is your TBT book? Feel free to comment below or tag me on your post! <3


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  1. […] If you haven’t stumbled across my previous post on this tag, go over and take a look: Throw Back Thursday: Chpt 3 […]

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