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BESUMMER19: Summer Vacation Book Tag

Bom Dia bookworms! I hope it’s a nice and beautiful day where-ever you are!

Today we are grabbing are fictional passports, packing our daydream bags and are flying off to worlds/cities that we’ve become enamored with through reading.

List the top ten fantasy worlds/cities you would like to spend your summer in.

  1. Velaris from ACOTAR: You guys are probably done and over with how much I talk about ACOTAR but it is one of my favorite series. I loved the world Sarah J Maas created and the characters. Velaris has haunted my dreams since Sarah first described it. A city of dreams. A city where the Fae live freely. *daydreams*

2. Diagon Alley: Who didn’t dream of going to Diagon Alley as a kid? Of going to Ollivanders? The leaky Cauldron? We don’t have to dream any longer thanks to Universal Studios but imagine if it were real!

3. Durmstrang: Another Harry Potter location I would love to visit! I remember when they first spoke of Durmstrang in the books. Curiousity ignited within me, “What do they do at Durmstrang? How does it differ from Hogwarts?” The questions were endless. I definitely would be up for a nice little cool off in Scandanavia.

4. Mistward: There are soooo many places I would love to go from the Throne of Glass series. Probably everywhere, but my first stop would be Mistward.

5. Soulless series world: Bustles, Petticoats, Vampires, Werewolves and so much more! Ship me off with an extended stay!

6. Air Awakens World: Worlds with magic will always be on my list of places I wish I could travel to. In this world, specifically, I would love to visit The Tower. Hundreds of sorcerers honing their craft? A glimpse at Aldrik? Sign me up.

6. Feudal Japan in Inuyasha: I used to dream of going through a water well and ending up in Feudal Japan. So badly did I want to fight side by side with Inuyasha and Kagome. Not sure how I would fair in a fight against demonic beings but I’d like to visit.

7. Bibi’s Castle from the manga Hana To Akuma: This series was so cute! I love every moment of it! Bibi’s castle was everything! EVERYTHING!

8. Eretz from Daughter of Smoke and Bone: I don’t really have a reason other than wanting to explore a world full of Chimera and Angels. 🙂

9. Middle Earth from LOTR: What nerd wouldnt?

10. My Hero Academia Japan: Super powers are the norm? I can meet cool super heros? Deku and Bakugo? I wouldn’t hesitate.

So there you have it! My top 10 worlds/cities I would love to visit for summer vacation! What are yours?

Tag me on your post or let me know in the comments below!

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  1. VELARIS VELARIS VELARIS. I honestly don’t think one can talk too much about the ACOTAR series because it is just THAT good. But I am hella bias so who knows. LOL. I absolutely adore your choices Jeimy! I haven’t read some of these (Air Awakens is on my TBR tho!) so I may waddle to check them out because they sound like a time! I do agree about the Eretz though as well, because wow the way Laini describes it sounds to mystical and entransic that you just can’t not want to go.

  2. ahhhh Velaris and Diagon Alley are definitely both places I’d love to go! and Japan in any era honestly (preferably one that wouldn’t get me killed, though 😜), I’ve never been and I really really want to someday.

    my post is going up later this week so I won’t list my answers here 😉 but it’s a great prompt and I had so much fun writing it!

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