Book Review: The Rules of Enchantment by Wendy Tardieu

The Rules of Enchantment
When a Sorcerer and a Scribe Team Up to Fulfill an Ancient Prophecy, The Fate of The World Lies in Their Hands In the mythical kingdom of Salyndria, an exiled sorcerer named Leith plots to overthrow the restrictions placed on the use of magic by the Academy. Suspecting the worst, the Academy sends a beautiful young scribe, Kyler, to be his apprentice and act as an unwitting spy. Leith tries to drive her away by…

The Rules of Enchantment book review request was submitted by Maria Inot from TCK Publishing for an honest review.

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I’m not a frequent peruser of erotic novels. I like slow burns, deny me the good stuff and build character while you do. But The Rules of Enchantment by Wendy Tardieu took me by surprise.

The short novel follows the story of Kyler and Leith, a young scribe that was sent to be an apprentice and an all powerful sorcerer who plans to carry out a nefarious plan. The academy hopes that Kyler will be an ever tempting honey pot to Leith, distracting him from the path he is taking. However, not everything is black and white and the more time Kyler and Leith spend together, the more she realizes there may be more to the sorcerer than she originally was led to believe.

For such a short novel, Wendy Tardieu managed to pack a little bit of world building and character development which was the first surprise I came upon with this novel. The second was that there was barely any erotica. Usually we have a sex scene thrust upon us within the first few pages but The Rules of Enchantment gives us a kiss scene 60 pages in and then a pretty mild sex scene later on. The novel somewhat teeters into slow burn territory but not quite.

The small little issues I had with this book are that certain moments could’ve been explored a little more like the romance between the two, and the complete randomness of the sex scene. I feel like there could’ve been more build up and more tension beforehand, which is why I falls short of a slow burn romance.

All in all, Tardieu’s writing flowed pretty nicely and kept to the setting of the book. If the book would’ve been a little longer maybe we could’ve gotten a more indepth view of the budding romance between these two characters.

With that said, The Rules of Enchantment by Wendy Tardieu gets 3/5

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The Rules of Enchantment Book review

The Rules of Enchantment Book Review

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