Book Review: Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm

Title: Heart of the Fae (The Otherworld Book 1)

Author: Emma Hamm

Pages: 350

Format: Ebook


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When a plague sweeps across the emerald hills of Uí Néill, leaving a young midwife’s father with months to live, Sorcha makes a deal with a dangerous Fae to save her people. She must travel across the sea, through merrow and kelpie lands, to find a forgotten king on a crumbling throne.

Born king of the Seelie Fae, Eamonn fought battles unnumbered to uphold honor, duty, and freedom… until his twin brother sank a blade between his shoulders. Crystals grew from the wound, splitting open skin and bone. His people banished him to a cursed isle for his disfigurement, where he now rules as a king of criminals and fools.

With the help of brownies, pixies, and will-o’-the-wisps, Sorcha battles to break through his crystalline shell and persuade him to take back his stolen throne. This determined beauty could come dangerously close to stealing his beastly heart… if his enemies don’t kill her first.

I am all about Beauty and the Beast retellings. I think that much is apparent considering I mention it often.

Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm introduces us to our heroine Sorcha, a young mid-wife who’s dream is to save people. Sorcha is an odd girl who still follows the old ways, paying respects to the fair-folk when the rest of the world have slowly left them behind. Her small offerings do not go unnoticed and when her father falls ill….she strikes a deal with a pair of menacing twin fae. To bring to them the cursed King.

Sorcha sets out on an adventure to the cursed isle in attempt to get him to agree to leave with her but soon finds that there are bigger forces at play; and the Cursed King is much more than what meets the eye.

For the most part, I did enjoy reading Heart of the Fae. Emma does a beautiful job in creating characters that are likeable and real. Her writing flows from page to page fluidly, I didn’t feel like there were any parts in where the story disconnected….until the romance scenes.

The one thing that kept this great story from being a solid 4 was that the romance between Eammon and Sorcha was mostly built outside of where I eyes could read. There wasn’t even enough told to consider it a slow burn. The chapters that did show some relationship building, I felt like I needed more for it to be tangible. Her relationship with other characters, that I will not spoil, seemed more real to me than the one with her and our cursed king.

Despite that small detail, Overall the book was a good read. I have high hopes for the sequel as far as the love story but we’ll see when I get to that, wont we?

If you are looking for another Beauty and the Beast retelling, I recommend The Heart of the Fae. It gets a 3/5 stars.



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    Great review!! I do love Beauty and the Beast retellings :)))

      I never miss an opportunity to read one! They are always so good!

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