Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

A Court of Silver Flames book cover
Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive. And ever since being forced into the Cauldron and becoming High Fae against her will, she's struggled to find a place for herself within the strange, deadly world she inhabits. Worse, she can't seem to move past the horrors of the war with Hybern and all she lost in it. The one person who ignites her temper more than any other is…

Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

There are so many points about this book that I want to talk about but holy s%@&! I cannot find all the words. The fact that we have to wait yet another two-ish years for the next installment is literally killing me.

A Court of Silver Flames ruined me for any other book this month. It will live in my head for the next year. Sarah J Maas really went there and made me like Nesta.

I didn’t think we’d ever be here….That I’d ever say that I like Nesta. But this installment of the series literally took my dislike for her and threw it back at my face.

I don’t feel bad for thinking she was a bad sister, because at the end of the day she was. But seeing into what made her so cold, seeing her go from this utterly broken individual to someone who is learning to love herself and open herself up to the world?? Seeing her create bonds with Gwyn and Emerie, two females that have also gone through harrowing traumas. Seeing them grow and offer one another support without question? There were tears in my eyes through the majority of this novel.

Getting to see Cassian’s point of view was probably one of my favorite aspect of this book. Out of the three brothers, he is the most sentimental of them all. Cassian made me want to hug him from how understanding he is. He took what Nesta threw at him, understood that she was traumatized by her circumstances and by her very power. Knew that what she needed was someone to understand and support her, even at the cost of his own heart.

There were certain things that I didn’t like about the book that kept it from being a full blown 5 stars. And while I think I understand the decision for these things, they still left me with a hmmmm moment.

Book Review: A Court of Silver Flames Overall feeling:

Things I didn’t like:

  • No in depth explanation as to what Nesta’s power really is
  • Rhysand and Feyre being an underlying secondary plot (I love the two but this really should’ve been Nesta’s story ONLY)
  • Not enough sister moments: Fixing the relationship between the 3 sisters should’ve been further explored. Sometimes it felt like Nesta just replaced Feyre and Elain with Gwyn and Amerie.

Things I did like:

  • Nesta coming into power and realizing it
  • Cassian
  • Gwyn and Emerie
  • The continuation of the Lore established on the first 3 books
  • Healing being an undertone throughout the book
  • Elain growing a mf spine
  • Azriel

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    I absolutely ADORE your review! I haven’t had the chance to read the book yet as I’ve been in moving/unpacking mode but OMG am I pumped to dive into this after reading your review! I am a little antsy to see how SJM will sway me into the Nesta loving fandom, but if it means I get more Cassian in my life–I am here for it LOL.


    1. Jeimy says:

      I’m glad the review was good! After not writing one for so long, I was like HOW DO I DO REVIEW?
      You moved??? Congrats!!!! I hope the new place has more book space 😉
      I was on the same boat but GIRL. I can’t wait for you to get a chance to read the book because NESSIAN is everything!!!

      Thank You!!!! I wanted a more warm and clean feeling for 2021! Im so happy you like it!!

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