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Planning With Jei: June Update

It’s Saturday! T-Minus 6 days until Summer begins and 2 more weeks until Bookending Summer 19! The announcement post has gone up on Clo @ Bookdragons‘s site, Bookending Summer 2019 Announcement.

The Event is a great way to interact with those in the book community, make new friends and get ideas for your own blog! If you are a new bookish blogger or are looking to participate in something fun, I highly suggest clicking the link above and joining the event!

Today’s blog post is going to be an update on my BUJO [Bullet Journal].

It’s been about 3 weeks since I dipped my feet into Bullet Journaling to help me with my creativity. Since then, I have learned so much through watching bujo-tubbers, reading bujo blog posts, and pinning different bujo inspirations. I’ve gotten into the habit of setting aside an hour each day to dedicate to bullet journaling and while there are things that I am unsure about still, it’s been a blast!

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

Planning with Jei: June Update Pinterest Photo

I mentioned before that this bullet journal was to be my creative bujo. Meaning that it’s where I will go to jot down my ideas for a book, blog posts, help me get over writers block and art block by doing journal prompts/ doodling.

For the opening June page, I doodled some foods and drinks that remind me of Summer. I wanted to fill out the page at first but after some more thought, I decided against it.

Behind the June opening page, I drew some bubble tea juices and some chicks! Why the chicks? I honestly have no idea, I saw the yellow marker and the chicks were born.

On the next page is where I laid out the things I wanted to track for June:

  • Daily Prompts: Journal Prompts that will help me with writers block.
  • 30 Min Speedwrite: When I need to untangle all the thoughts in my head.
  • Research: Research for the book I am planning to write.
  • Bujo Tracker: Track how many days I am using my Bullet Journal.
  • Word Tracker: I set myself a goal to write 10,000 words this month.

Behind the tracker page, I set up an analytics tracker. It’s not something I’m going to obsess with but I thought it’d be nice to have a place to see how I am doing as far as blogging.

The page after that is blog post ideas, what books I might read this month, what my favorite blog is this month, and a blog hop tracker. The favorite blog will be filled out at the end of the month.

The next page was inspired by TheInkySaga! I saw her Howl’s Moving Castle spread and thought I might dedicate a page too. It is my favorite studio Ghibli movie next to Nausicaa. [I might do a Nausicaa spread soon]

The rest of the pages that I have filled out are all different journal prompts to help me get over the horrendous writers block I’ve been afflicted with. I feel like the more I write and read, the better it will get and so far, it’s been slowly working. Each journal prompt has more words than the last! 😀

I know my bullet journal is by no means like the ones out there; I don’t have weekly/monthly spreads and right now there is no order to it. I’m not sure how to incorporate the weekly spreads and the monthly spreads when I use my Happy Planner for all my content scheduling and IRL events. Maybe in the future I’ll ween away from my planner and use my bujo instead but right now, I like how both things are separated.

Once June is over, I will update you guys on how productive I was with my bujo and share if I really did hit that 10,000 words. x-D



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