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Planning With Jei: Setting up my Monthly Book Blog Spread

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is all about PLANNING!

I’ve been part of the Planner community for three years now and have loved every step of it. Setting aside a part of my day to plan out my week/month, design my weekly and monthly spreads with stickers and drawings, is now part of my routine. It took a while to get here as I was always very disorganized but I’ve made it. Planning is now something I do without a second thought.

Now that I’m trying to be an active member of the book blog community; I’ve been thinking of ways I can be better organized with the blog. As mentioned in Where Did I Go?, I took a small break to do some research and luckily for me, many bloggers were taking part of the BESpring event or just posting advice on how to maintain organization!

The idea of using my Happy Planner for my book blog hadn’t hit me until a few days ago. I was taking a look at Isabelle from BookwyrmBite‘s post about Prescheduling, Blog Organization & Mood Blogging #BESpring2019
[Super Helpful, you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already] when I found my way to readervoracious‘s post on 2019 Book Blogger Spreadsheet Template.

As amazing as the templates are, I had to be realistic. Knowing myself, I was not going to keep up with them after a while. The thought then came to me, “Are there sheets for my Happy Planner that can mimic these? Are there book bloggers that use planners?”

On the hunt I went to find book bloggers that used Happy Planners, that had posts on them and I found SoObsessedwith!

I perused her posts on her Happy Planner set up for her book blog and was inspired. I took her idea of “Frakenplanning” [Using two Planners and make them one] and made my planner into half Book Blog, half everyday life.

The first section I set up was the Monthly Book Blog Spread.

I had some daily inserts lying around and decided to repurpose them to mimic SoObsessedwith’s layout. On the Sheet I have:

A Goals Section: This is where I will write my top 3 goals for the month. Whether it is to Blog hop twice a week or Re-Do my graphics.

A Get It Done Section: A place to plan out what posts I will write throughout the Month and when. They can be either detailed or noted down as a general post ideas. Once the post is written, it will be checked off.

A Reminder Section: Where I will write down any book related events such as a releases or an announcement.

A Bucket List Section: This will be the season’s TBR section. It’s the list of what books I plan to read for that season [Inspired by the BESPRING19: Spring TBR list]. Once they are read, they will be checked and dated so that I can have a reminder to write a review.

I placed the Monthly Book Blog section in the front of Monthly Planning Sections so that it can be the first thing I look at when I open my planner. I still have other tabs to create and can’t wait to share the idea with you all!

How do you organize/plan your blog/blog posts? Do you use spreadsheets or are you a planner addict? I would love to know! Comment below or Tag me on your planning post!


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  1. Thank you so much for linking to my spreadsheet template, and kudos to you for putting together a planning system that works for you! I am so rubbish with physical planners, I forget about them after 3 days. I love looking at bujo spreads though, and yours is lovely!

    1. It was my pleasure! The spreadsheets are a wonderful resource and I’ve incorporated most of them to my physical planner. <3

  2. YAS ANOTHER HAPPY PLANNER! I literally am obsessed with mine and use it for almost everything (because I suck at bullet journalling and am too lazy to create spreads from scratch lol) I am a huge advocate and user of Kal’s spreadsheet template as I’m able to sneek use it while at work, but I do have a lot of the sheets copied over to my physical planner for the times I am not at work!

    LOVED getting to see your set up and how you keep organized! I may just incorporate a few of your ideas into my own happy planner as well! THANK YOU!

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  5. thank you so much for linking my post, I’m glad you found it helpful! 🤗

    planning is definitely a highly individualized process, but I love looking at everyone else’s planners and spreadsheets to get ideas for my own. Happy Planners and bullet journals in particular are my favorite, they’re so pretty. thanks for sharing your process!

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