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Planning With Jei: September

It’s that time again! Time for another BUJO Update!

I’ll be honest guys…..I wasn’t that great at keeping up with my Bujo toward the end of August. I was very overwhelmed with things and while writing them down in my Bullet Journal helped…the stress was real.

For September, I decided to take it a little bit easier. No stressing about not completing things, and no stressing about things that aren’t written down…..etc etc etc.

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

Pinterest Bujo Image

For September’s opening page I went with your token autumn leaves design. Leaves are fun to doodle, you literally draw random blobs or teardrop shapes, add some veins and a stem. BAM, you got a leaf. 🤣

The next two pages are the trackers page and the must have book blog page.

Like last month, the trackers are condensed onto one page and I’ve only outlined the ones I want to keep track of. This month’s habits are:

  • Writing
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Coding

Under the habits, I designated a page for any “Projects” I wanted to complete this month. Right now, the only project I have tasked is my Web Development portfolio.

*Flips page* Next up is a BRAINDUMP page and a quote page.

With everything happening right now (the move, more responsibilities at work…) there are moments where I cannot give in to my spurts of inspiration. My fingers suddenly become possessed and want to draw or my brain decides to take a trip down to idea land for the next chapters of my novel….but I can’t stop what I am doing to indulge. The brain dump page gives me a place to doodle really quick or dump word vomit on the fly.

Okay, Honesty time: The only reason why I did a quote page was because I didn’t want to start my week spread on that page….😁

For the weekly spreads, there is nothing different from the last two months other than the fact that I added some fall stickers! I have TONS of sticker books left over from my Happy Planner days. They provide just enough creativity without the stress of over thinking what the heck I’m going to add to the page.

Any advice for a beginner bujo-er? What themes would you like me to try next month?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, Thank you for reading!



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