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Planning with Jei: March set up

Hello lovely bujo/planner babes! It’s time for our monthly planning with jei post!

Spring has started to make an appearance recently, which has been amazing! I can finally sit outside, take in the warm sun rays and read! Not to mention, The Happy Planner has launched their Spring collection!

If you haven’t taken a look at it:

Hobby Lobby’s Collection

Michael’s Collection

Joann’s Collection

The items that I have my eyes set on are the BOOKISH collection. I have been waiting for a collection like this to come out ever since I became a happy planner addict. The Stickers. The planners. The Happy notes! I want it all!

I’ve been patiently waiting for the nearest hobby lobby to get its shipment so I can get my hands on it all!

Planning with Jei
Cover page for march

Choosing the token green theme for March, I went with plants as the theme. I’m not much of a flower woman so I decided to keep it solely foliage plants like Golden Pothos and Heart Leaf Philodendron.  I got inspiration from a post I saw on pinterest.

Content calendar and social media pages

The next two pages haven’t changed. Keeping my Content Calendar and my Social media inserts at the front zero in my focus a bit more. All my planned posts will be written out on the calendar, along with photoshoot ideas. On the Get Social Inserts, I will keep track of my growth and plan out the action steps for each post that week. 

Currently in life spread

I love the back of the Plan of Attack Page because of the sections. It gives me a space to note down any inspirations, brain storm some content ideas, theme ideas and jot down the keywords I gathered from Keyword researching. 

The Currently Happening in Life page was something that I found on pinterest. 

It breaks down to 8 sections: Loving, Reading, Watching, Listening, Making, Thinking, Celebrating and Quoting. It’s kind of like the monthly overview page in the Happy Planner. Adding this page will allow me to be more aware of what I was doing for that month and the like. 

Biweekly spread

This set up easily turned into my favorite. It’s clean, to the point and it allows me to see what is coming up the following week without me having to turn the page. (even though my weeks rarely change) 

Spring cleaning page

The page behind the biweekly spreads will most likely be used for a Review Page for the month. It will definitely have the last 2 days of the month on the top as it doesnt fit on the page before. The Spring Cleaning page is a MUST. I dont have too too much to spring clean this year as I haven’t been in the apartment for very long. Having the list written down in my Bujo guarantees that I will see it and won’t lose it. I added a To buy sticker in the bottom left corner so I can have a place to list out all the things I’m replacing as far as clothes, makeup, cleaning products. 

Playlist page

The last page is one I’ve seen Amanda Rach Lee do in all her videos, a Playlist spread! 

I never really focused on what I was listening to during the months so it will be interesting to see what I put in it. I know I gravitate toward the same ones from 2007 (MCR anyone?) or 2011 almost all the time but who knows? I might surprise myself. 

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  1. Aaaah I love your spreads so much, they’re so pretty and clean. I started including a playlist spread last year to keep track of what I’m listening to and it’s really interesting for me to see what songs I listened to the most throughout the month and what genre’s I’m listening to the most haha.

    1. Jeimy says:

      Thank you! <3
      My playlist page has reflected a lot on my mood. I was surprised at what I listened to the most this month!
      What has been your most listened to genre this month?

      1. For sure, depending on my mood depends on the type of song I tend to listen to xD March has been full of K-Pop with a bit of pop/rock sprinkled in whereas February was mostly pop/country and a bit of K-Pop, Janurary was mostly K-Pop with some rock and country.

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