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Planning with Jei: Happy Planner Haul

You ever just virtually window-shop and several minutes later end up doing a haul? Well, dear bookworms, that’s how this happy planner haul happened.

I was innocently scrolling through Happy Planner’s website, viewing the new collection and fantasizing about what other stickers I can get for my already large collection; when all of a sudden, the Buy more Save more Banner overtook the page.

I was weak against it. So so weak.

Next thing I knew, I was checking out with 14 items in my cart and absolutely no regrets.

2 weeks later and lots of stressing over my shipment being constantly delayed due to “Delivery Restrictions” by FedEx (complete bs but that’s story for another day), I finally got my addiction items.

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Planning with Jei: Happy Planner Haul pinterest picture

Planning with Jei: Happy Planner Haul

Happy Planner Haul 1

With the decision of splitting my planners into 3 different ones (for the sake of organization), I needed new items for each planner’s theme that would go with what I already had. I purchased two six month extension packs, a budget companion pack, and a Skinny Classic Happy Notes. The Skinny Classic Happy Notes will take the place of my current BuJo and act as the central base. It will be the one I take with me everywhere and will have points referring to the other two planners, who will have more in-depth notes and tasks relating to their theme.

Happy Planner Haul - 2
Side-note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover to the Happy Planner Notes. Aspire to Inspire is one of my mottos and one of my vision goals for this year!
Happy Planner Haul - 5

Since I’ll be taking the Skinny Classic Happy Notes with me everywhere, I thought why not get the Happy Planner cross bag? I can insert my new bujo in it. Not to mention, place my credit cards, license, keys and phone too. I didn’t really like the original strap that came with it, so I bought the black and white striped one. (we know how much I love black and white stripes)

Happy Planner Haul - 3
Happy Planner Haul - 4

Lastly, stickers, washi, the new sticker planning sheets and classic punch! I’ve been eyeing the sticker planning sheets for a long while, but they were never available in my local Michaels. Finally, I can plan out where my stickers will go and not worry about messing up my layout!

I’m super excited to use washi tape for my layouts. Can you believe I went this long without ever using washi??? Crazy.

I’ve already started to add ideas on how to use my washi tape on my planners to my pinterest board:

Feel free to send some more ideas my way if you have them 🙂

What hauls have you done recently? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. OMG look all the pretty things *swoons* I have recently developed a bit of a washi addiction, though I’ve been building up my solid colour set more as I prefer using solid colours over patterned. (patterns and pretty designs are like for special things or to add more spice and I get ridiculously excited about using washi). I adore all the pretty things you’ve got and I’d be interest on a post where you breakdown your new planning method, if you’re using 3.

    1. Jeimy says:

      Washi has been life changing tbh!

      I would love to see your solid color collection! Where do you buy them from?
      I definitely have a planning method post in the works so keep an eye out 🙂 <3

      Thank you for reading, clo!

      1. I buy them off of etsy! Though I do my best to buy a bundle if possible but I started by just buying 4 washis although now it’s grown a lot ooops

        1. Jeimy says:

          oooo etsy!!! My roommate’s been telling me to get on etsy for planner inserts! Now I can search for washi!!!

          Omg I wonder if they have inuyasha washi!

  2. Rebekka Kaur says:

    Oh! Don’t make me go on online shopping spree 😻❤️

    1. Jeimy says:


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