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Planning with Jei: Favorite Bullet Journaling Supplies

Bullet Journaling has been somewhat of a life changer for me in the last couple of months. I’m much more productive than ever and organized with my daily to-do’s. My self-induced stress has minimized and now I have the freedom to make my “planner” look however I want.

If I want to change the look of a weekly spread to be horizontal instead of vertical? I can. I want to have a page of nothing but doodles? Done. Track my reading? BAM, I can have it! The possibilities are endless!

And it doesn’t hurt that bullet journaling gives me an excuse to buy more stationery.

Favorite Bullet Journaling Supplies
Favorite Bullet Journaling Supplies

Zebra Midliners: These not so highlighters are definitely a must have for any stationary obsessed person. The packs come in an assortment of colors that are eye friendly (aka wont hurt your eyes with their luminescence). I like to use these to make separating lines between days or even to fill in my habit trackers. I bought mine at Amazon for 16.99!

Me and my big ideas stickers: I could never go without these! Me and my big ideas (the company that makes Happy Planners) has a variety of sticker books for everything you can thing of! The ones I use every single day are the Journaling Multi-Accessories pack, the Tiny stickers pack, Colorful Boxes and the Gold Star Quotes book.

Journaling Templates: These have been a lifesaver soooo many times. I’m not the greatest at drawing perfect squares or circles (useless art student over here lol) and these templates have definitely saved the day once or twice. My favorite thing about them is the banners and the calendar stencils. I use the calendar stencils to make my habit tracker every month and they come out so neat! Definitely a must have.

Alphabet Stamps : These cute little stamps by Recollections give a little more personality to my spreads. They come in a jar and are modeled after vintage letters. I don’t use them too often but when I do, they just give me a sense of fancy that I didnt have before. LOL

Papermate Flair Pens: These Pens write so smoothly, it’s ridiculous! These are my go to pens for everything! EVERYTHING! They dont bleed through paper and when I’m writing in cursive, they flow continuously.

Tombow Calligraphy Pen: I’m a beginner at calligraphy and even that is a stretch. I’m just an art kid copying what other people do but with a fancy pen! 😀 The ink flows so evenly with this pen, I don’t feel nervous when using it. Usually, I do the month spreads with this pen just to add a little flair to my BuJo.

Stabilo Point 88 Pens: These pens were the byproduct of me wanting what other bujo members had. I’d seen these pens in every single youtube video, instagram post, and blog article! And when I bought them, I discovered why. These pens write amazingly! AMAZE-ING-LY and they don’t bleed through the pages! They are thin enough for outlining smaller lines or doodles, the hexigonal shape is a relief on the fingers, AND they don’t dry out if you accidentally put them back in your pencil case without closing them…heh…

Do you have a bullet journal or planner? What is your favorite item to use on it?

Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I love that bullet journalling is an excuse to buy more stationary, it’s wonderful because I just NEED all ze stationary haha. I do have a bujo and I really love my crayolas I bought the 50 pack off of amazon and whilst I do get ghosting it’s really not an issue because the spread attracts your attention so you don’t notice the ghosting as much. I also have pigma microns in black that I am loving too and I have these pastel highlighters that I got from a store somewhere…I can’t remember the name. Anyway they’re so nice and pastels are just *swoons*

    I’ve not gotten into stickers yet though, I don’t know that I ever will because I love drawing things out myself but I do love seeing how other people use stickers! Love this post Jeimy <3

    1. Jeimy says:

      Pastel highlighters are THE BOMB. They just look so soft and pretty, definitely a way to make a spread just pop!

      I used to doodle a lot but I’m so overly critical of my own doodles, I started using stickers until I get over it (lol). Thank you so much for reading Clo <3

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