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Planning With Jei: December

Hello planner babes!

I’ve been bad….really bad. Like horrible.

I barely used my bullet journal this November…..and trust me, I felt it. I was a mess in keeping myself on schedule with important things. Not to mention, I’ve regress just a tinsy itsy bit when it came to certain habits.

However, December is a new month! So it’s time to get back on that bujo train!

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

Pinterest Bujo Image
Planning With Jei: December

Nothing much has changed with the first two pages. Having the habit tracker be the first page into the month is super helpful for me. I keep the tab before the Opening page of the month so that I am forced to flip through the pages thus forcing me to look at the habits I’ve not been following…(Because let’s be honest here, I only follow 2 out of the 6 habit trackers I set up….)

Planning With Jei: December

If you haven’t guessed yet with the months of Plan with Me’s; the Blog Page is my favorite. It’s a page in where I can write out my possible blog posts, keep my TBR check list, blog stats for the month and a small section for any tasks (ie: Make pins out of my blog posts for pinterest). If I had a printer, I would make printables of this page since it’s been so helpful for me.

Planning With Jei: December

For December I dialed it back to the layout that had previously been working for me. The Dashboard Layout was fun but I quickly found myself not wanting to keep doing it for each week….Needless to say how much space it takes up was not something I liked. I thought about fraken-planning my bujo to have the Dashboard Layout pages and the dot grid. That way I can have best of both worlds! The idea’s been thrown in the maybe pile for review when the new year comes.

I need your feedback!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about making plan with me videos instead of just writing this blog post monthly. What do you think?

Thank you for reading!



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