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Planning With Jei: July

Today’s blog post is going to be an update on my BUJO [Bullet Journal].

It’s been about a month and some change since I fell into this wonderful rabbit hole. I now spend a good amount of time on pinterest looking at some cute bullet journal ideas and peruse youtube much more often than before. The Bujo with me videos have me in their grasps as if I’m 15 years old again watching the Look at my horse video. (Time were different, don’t judge me).

I feel like I have more sense of how to use my bujo and so far this month, it’s been super helpful. I feel more in control of my thoughts since now I have a place for them to be visualized and find myself easily following the schedules that I’ve set out for myself.

One thing I didn’t expect was dropping my Happy Planner completely. I KNOW I’M HORRIBLE I know I said I was going to use it separately as a content calendar but I ended coming up with a spread that gives me an overview of all the posts I want to write this month, what TBR I plan to read and important blogging related dates.

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

  • Rowena Tsai – A Lifestyle blogger who makes productivity and self care videos. She has a video on setting up her BUJO.
  • Amanda Rach Lee – Stationary, bujo, crafts youtuber. She is great to watch and her BUJO set ups are so pretty!
  • Pipah’s Art – She’s an artist I have followed for a year and JUST noticed she does BUJO set up videos.
  • Boho Berry – I mentioned BojoBerry last time but this is her youtube channel!
Pinterest Bujo Image

July is an experimental month for me. The whole set up is basically me testing the waters of ACTUALLY bullet journalling. For the cover, I decided to play around with scrap paper I had around from when I was making Story book roses. At the bottom right corner, I made a little envelope that hold small motivation quotes inside of it.

The next two pages are my trackers for the month.

On the left, I tracked the things that are more important to me right now.

  • Bullet Journalling
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Camp Nanowrimo

I even made a word count graph on the bottom left. I’m a big advocate for seeing how far you got is just as pleasing as passing the finish line. Even if I don’t finish my goal for Camp Nanowrimo, by looking at the line graph I will see how far I pushed myself.

On the right, I went with a bookish mood tracker.

Behind the Mood tracker comes *drum roll* my book blog content page! Like I mentioned earlier, the page is where I plan what blog posts I’ll be writing, what day they will be posted, important blog related dates and my month TBR list. I added a follower tracker and a blog hop tracker [gotta share the love with other bookish bloggers].

The page after that is my camp nanowrimo daily word count calendar. After I finish writing, I go ahead and insert the amount of words I wrote that day. This keeps me on track to finishing my novelette.

Right now, my weekly spreads are messy and simple. Because of work my schedule is pretty consistent except for weekend, my weekly’s usually look the same from Monday to Friday. Unless I freelance that week.

Sometimes, when I become really overwhelmed I use the Daily Sheets from the Happy Planner. I love these because they help me organize my loud and jumbled up thoughts. The sheets have three sections. Top Priority, Get It done, and By the Hour.

Top priority: I insert the 3 things I HAVE to do that day.

Get it done: I jot all the things I have to get done that day in addition to the top three.

By the Hour: I come up with a schedule that I think would work best to carry out everything I need to do. Now I don’t necessarily follow it to the hour sometimes as things come up but it’s helpful to visualize how I need to split my time. Not to mention, it keeps me on track from wasting time doing things that aren’t productive.

Since the BUJO isn’t all about planning and tracking, I decided to make a cute Playlist and jot down the songs I was really into this month so far. Then since I’m watching the Fruits Basket remake, I decided to dedicate a page to it with quick little doodles and two of my favorite quotes.

What songs are you listening to this month? How do you get organized?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, Thank you for reading!



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  1. Love this! I’m trying hard to get into bullet journaling for reading and blogging, so this was inspiring!

    1. Im so happy you found this inspiring! Sending all productive and creative vibes your way!

  2. This is so cute! I love my BuJo but I’ve swapped into a pre-printed planner purely because I don’t have the time! Looking forward to more planning posts xo

    1. Thank you Jordan! I can understand you on that front! I loved my pre-printed and the instant organization it offered. But the creative freedom the bujo allows me to have has been such a good change. What pre-planner are you using currently?

      1. Just a cheapie one from TK Maxx! Its beautiful though! I might have to do a post of my own! xo


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