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Planning With Jei: August

It’s that time again! Time for another BUJO Update!

Mid-August is here holy sh@!#, can you smell the Autumn approaching?

I’m ready to bust out the sweaters, combat books and scarves; feel the crunch of leaves under my feet when I walk and inhale that crisp autumn air. I AM SO READY!

*composes self*

Some Cool Bujo Resources:

  • oh no nina – Study/life style/ bullet journal channel
  • Happy Planner – The creators of the Happy Planner. They have awesome Plan with Me videos.
Pinterest Bujo Image

August felt like a Cherry Month for me. Am I the only one?

I feel like I’ve finally made bullet journal-ing a habit. It’s something that I have to do every day or every other day. It’s the first thing I do in the mornings and the last thing I do at night. I’ve become so much more comfortable with using it and no longer feel lost when it comes to using it.

As July was very experimental, I decided that maybe August would still have art on it but not as wild as July was.

The next two pages are the trackers page, which I’ve condensed into one sole page. They focus on the things that are most important to me this month.

  • Bullet Journalling
  • Gym
  • Reading
  • Coding

Not much different than last month, right? The only new guy is Coding.

Fun Fact: I’m a certified Full Stack Web Developer

On the bottom of the left page, I went with a cherry mood tracker.

On the right page, I decided to make it a project Brain Dump. Since August was going to be the month when I focused on furthering my knowledge on NODEjs, I jotted down some projects I wanted to do that uses it.

Behind the August Project Brain dump page, I have the Bookish Blog content page. It really helped me out last month in keeping track of what posts I wanted to write, what books I planned on reading/read, and what my Followers stats were. This month I did add a new section to it called TASKS. This is where I will write the things I HAVE to do with the blog. GIVEAWAY DETAILS COMING SOON!

Introducing the Gratitude page! With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes we forget the little things that matter. I am someone who becomes stressed very easily and I’ve been working hard at it. This month I decided to add a Gratitude page to remind me that even if things aren’t going my way/well, there are things that matter more. Having them on paper helps me remember them.

My weeklies are in the same format as July’s BUJO Spread. I enjoyed the simplicity and the quick at a glance feel they provide. Maybe I’ll be more adventurous next month?

My favorite page so far has to be the HOW TO DESTRESS page. I got the idea from a Pinterest pin I came across and thought it was such a great idea. It really gave me a moment to think of what are the things that calm me/help me be less stressed. Some things were complete surprises, others were a given. I now have a page that I can reference when I’m too stressed out to think of a way to calm down.

Do you have a BUJO? Have you ever thought of starting one?

Let me know in the comments below and as always, Thank you for reading!



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