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On the worst Reading quarter I’ve ever had….

Let me just start by saying, Thank you. The last three years (has it really been 3 already?) have been an adventure and if you’re reading this, thank you for your support. I remember being so terrified to start this blog. So unsure if I had it in me to be a blogger. But I took a chance and even though I’m still small, I’m incredibly proud of where it’s at. I’ve met such wonderful people and have forged great friendships because of this. This blog has been the longest hobby I’ve kept aside from art and reading and despite the fact that I literally just stopped blogging one sunny day in May of 2021, I consider it something I see myself doing for a little while longer. Hopefully, you continue to join me on this trip.

So what happened, you ask?

Possibly the worst burn out I’ve ever had. The beginning of this year was tough. I was working a job that had drained me of all my energy and with that, any energy that went into my hobbies. I was unhappy and could barely focus on reading. I was exhausted in all ways possible.

Then came April. April was that moment where I took a step closer into a future I’d been planning for myself. I got a new job in a career closer to where I want to be in life. I became a Quality Assurance Engineer. I threw myself in becoming a resource for my job and learning the programming languages/tools my new job required. Yet, the energy burst I got from that didn’t really last that long.

Come May, we did take a week off work but it was to move to our new gorgeous apartment. We spent the entire week setting up the place; buying new furniture, organizing and cleaning. Not really a time to rest or read. While I was more energized that before, my attention span was worse. To top it all off, I had been in and out of doctors appointments.

August rolled in and slowly I started to read here and there. I impulsively decided to pick up my Japanese studies again and went on a Japanese book buying spree. I bought 2 new planners and several new fantasy books that are now sitting in my TBR shelf wondering if I’ll ever actually read them…….heh…..

Things were looking good for a while but as soon as September hit, my body was yelling at me at this point to take a darn vacation. I stopped studying Japanese as long I was (2 hours a day), stopped streaming, stopped drawing, stopped everything…..I began to lie in bed earlier than usual; watching Anime, Korean Dramas, and even just going right to sleep.

While I feel a little better than before, I realize that I need a vacation badly where I can potato all day; so last week I put in PTO for the week of Oct 3rd. And I guess that gave my body the boost it needed because I also read 4 books! I’m hoping that the energy will extend to writing book reviews in the coming week.

So where does that leave us moving forward?

My hopes are that during the vacation, I start to build my habits back up again. Get back on the wagon that I fell off of; which means I hope to read more (Kingdom of the Cursed comes out in a few days!), blog and take the time to rest and do things I want to do at my leisure.

A Novel Idea might go through a name change in the next coming months and it might go back to being wordpress hosted. I still havent decided but it’s been something I’ve been toying around with. I want my brand to reflect me a little better since I’m planning to sticking around for a little while longer 🙂


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