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October Wrap-Up

Goodbye October 2021, I barely knew you. The end of 2021 is fast approaching…..and it seems a bit surreal that we are already almost done with the first week of November.

The temperature has taken a nosedive, the leaves have gone from a nice green to bright oranges, red, and browns. The grass has given up. The days are crisps and the nights are darker. Winter is coming and from the small preview we are getting here in the East coast, she is out for blood.

October 2021 had the second highest stats this year. I felt like I was more active on the blog than I’ve been in a really long time. The blog slump had me in its crutches for a long time there. The last Wrap Up post I did was last October! Can you believe that?

Honestly, It felt good to come back and start writing up posts and blog hopping. Not to mention, chatting with fellow book bloggers after so long and seeing what books are trending now.

October Wrap upStats:

Views: 560 | Visitors: 340 | Top Referrer: Pinterest

Coming second to January 2021 that had 712 views and 475 visitors, October was a great month for the blog. I feel like everything I learned in the last 3 (?) years has finally clicked. I don’t really look at my blog post checklist anymore and I’ve finally found a content system that works for me. October was a great comeback month and Im hopeful for the rest of the year.

October Wrap up Books Read:

📚 = Re-read | 🚫= DNF | 💜= Buddy Read | ✍🏼 = Reviewed

  1. A Dance with the Fae Prince by Elise Kova ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. Legendary by Stephanie Garber ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. Jock Reign: Jock Hard book 5 by Sara Ney ⭐⭐

October Wrap upBlog Posts :

October Wrap upFavorite Blog Posts

November ”Planned” TBR:

November Events:




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