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New Year, Freaking out and self hosting?

Hello there bookworms! Long time no see.
It probably feels like I fell off the face of the earth after promising to be more active last year, and for that I deeply apologize. Last year was interesting to say the least. Life became more hectic, my reading began to spiral down into the deep voids of slumps, and quite frankly I overbooked myself for a lot. I realized that the last 5 (?) years of having this blog, I was still treating it as if I hadn’t picked up other hobbies along the way or as if my life hadn’t drastically changed from the time I began to now. That I was still my young adult self who lived with her mom and didn’t have to worry about anything else.

So where does that realization leave me?

The fact is that I am not willing to part with the blog. I’ve thought about shutting it down but this space is something I’ve worked hard on for years. It was something that brought me a lot of joy when things weren’t so great and I’ve met many great people because it.

This new year, I will be paying more attention to the blog but cannot promise the same quantity of posts as before. One to Two posts a month is looking like a better possibility.
I’m also removing the Planner, Language Learning and Writing portions of the blog. ANovelIdea.net will go back to its roots and be a strictly Book and all things bookish blog! The decision brought up another question….Since the activity of the blog and type of content is much smaller than before, Do I keep self hosting? Or do I go back to WordPress Hosting?

The short answer: I decided to stay self hosted for the moment while I find another alternative. However, I was not going to pay month by month to keep it up. After googling what free self hosted options were out there, I settled on Google Cloud. Google Cloud gives me the opportunity to self host my site on one of their Virtual Machines for basically nothing. As long as I don’t pass a certain threshold (which I don’t think I will), it comes at zero cost. And if there is the slight chance I do pass their threshold, there is a 3 month trial to cover me. This is enough time for me to look for other options or just go back to wordpress hosting 🙂

To close off this post, I just want to Thank YOU for sticking by the blog all these years 🙂 I hope the your 2023 is filled with lots of amazing reads and adventures!

Let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in a blog post on how to self host your site with Google Cloud!



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