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June Week 1 HUB Planner Set Up

New planner goodies means more things to play with! Especially when you decide that you’re going to have THREE planners!

That’s right planner addicts, your girl has leveled up

I have split my planning into three different sections/planners:

  • Every day – keep track of my day to day, shopping list, habit trackers, weather, etc. This will be the HUB. It will have one-word tasks that hint at the other two planners (IE: Social Media, which would then prompt me to look at my social media planner to see what I had planned for the blog/social media accounts)
  • Social Media – plan out and keep track of all my social media accounts. Note any bookish events and blog projects. As well as, marketing strategies.
  • Budget – keep track of my spending and set myself monetary goals

I will be posting plan with me’s for the social media planner and the budget planner soon.

New Happy Planner June Set Up

Happy Planner June Set Up

Keeping it super simple for the every-day/ Hub Planner, I made a weekly dashboard on the opposite side of the weekly layout. The Dashboard will always have Shopping List, Bills Due, weather tracker, a quote, a weekly focus (Making, Reading, Loving, etc) and habits I’m tracking that month.

I’m putting more use to my sticker books this time around. For this spread I used the:

  • Happy Planner Planner Babe Sticker Book
  • Happy Planner Journaling Sticker Book (All three)
  • Happy Planner Positivity Quotes Book
  • Happy Planner Colorful Boxes Sticker Book

I’ve been enjoying the combination of the colorful boxes stickers and the journaling stickers. That pop of color really brings the spread to life in my opinion and I cannot wait to use more of them in the upcoming spreads.

For this week I chose the Mind over Matter quote since it was relevant to me. The week was filled with challenges both physically and mentally. Having that quote in my planner helped me restabilize myself in moments where I felt overwhelmed.

I decided to track waking up early, drinking enough water, and reading this month. I have been struggling in all three areas for a while now. Especially on the reading front. I did a buddy read last month with a fellow book blogger but outside that…. I haven’t picked up a single one of the 100000000 (an exaggeration but you get it) books I have.

Stay toon for updates on that…

Anyone else struggling with reading right now? Let me know in the comments below!



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