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Interesting Romance Novels on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited has a plethora of Romance novels. Seriously, there’s more than 10. (lol)

During this quarantine (which has no near end in sight), I’ve been doing a lot of perusing through Kindle Unlimited; In search of the next author I am going to obsess over. But the options are endless, and I can’t add any to my TBR . I put myself on a TBR ban until I read the books I physically have. 

So here we are! A post dedicated to first impressions. A judgement, if you will, of a book by it’s excerpt. 

Interesting Romance Novels on Kindle Unlimited

Interesting Romance Novels on Kindle Unlimited

The Perfect First by Maya Hughes Romance Novel

The Perfect First by Maya Hughes

“How long do you last in bed?” Those were her first words to me, swiftly followed up with, “And how big would you say you are?”
Cue the record scratching, what?!
Persephone Alexander. Math genius. Lover of blazers. The only girl I know who can make Heidi braids look sexy as hell. And she’s on a mission. Lose her virginity by the end of the semester.
I walked in on her interview session for potential candidates (who even does that?) and saw straight through her brave front. She’s got a list of Firsts to accomplish like she’s only got months to live. I’ve decided to be her guide for all her firsts except one. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble. I have one rule, no sex. We even shook on it.
I’ll help her find the right guy for the job. Someone like her doesn’t need someone like me and my massive…baggage for her first time.
Drinking at a bar. Check.
Partying all night. Double check.
Skinny dipping. Triple check.
She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. The walls I’d put up around my heart are slowly crumbling with each touch that sets fire to my soul. I’m the first to bend the rules. One electrifying kiss changes everything and suddenly I don’t want to be her first, I want to be her only.
But her plan was written before I came onto the scene and now I’m determined to get her to re-write her future with me.

I have a soft spot for Guy falls for girl first tropes. Like a big soft spot. There are only a handful of romance novels that I have come across where the guy falls first and I’m eager to add more to that handful.

Devious Lies by Parker s Huntington Romance Novel

Devious Lies by Parker S Huntington

She could enjoy her pretty, perfect world a little longer. Soon enough, everything she owned would be mine.”
I had a plan to escape the friend zone. Step one: sneak into Reed’s room. Step two: sleep with him.
But when the lights turned on, it wasn’t familiar blue eyes I saw. These were dark, angry, and full of demons. And they belonged to Reed’s much older brother.
Four years later, Nash Prescott is no longer the help’s angry son. I’m no longer the town’s prized princess.
At twenty-two, I’m broke, in need of a job. At thirty-two, he’s a billionaire, in need of revenge.
Who cares if my family ruined his? Who cares if he looks at me with pure loathing? Who cares if every task he assigns me is designed to torture?
I need the money. Simple as that.
I’ll suffer his cruelty in silence, knowing there’s one thing he wants more than revenge… Me.

Enemies to Lovers? Older love interest? Can’t say no to that can I?

Hate Mates by Mickey Miller Romance Novel

Hate Mates by Mickey Miller

Imagine: You arrive to college on the first day, ready to meet your roommate in the girl’s dorm. A huge mistake puts you into the male dorm. Your roommate? He’s DJ Dalton, football star and campus celebrity extraordinaire. You can look, but you can’t touch.
Because the prettiest packages come with the biggest consequences…
Is he panty-meltingly handsome with an attitude to match? Sure. Do I accidentally fantasize about him one (okay, maybe two) times? Fine, I’m honest enough to admit it. None of that matters, because we’re opposites in all the ways that are important for getting along as college roommates: He comes from a perfect life and old money. I come from a broken home and bowls of ramen. He’s at Greene State to party. I’m here to study. He’s a popular jock. I wouldn’t be caught dead playing sports. To say we get off to a rocky start would be an understatement. Ironically, that’s what causes our sizzling attraction to boil over one night. But even that comes at a price. Because our story has a twist neither of us could see coming. One that changes both of our lives, ’till death do us part.

Ah yes. The classic mixup where the girl ends up in a guys dorm room. There has been countless manga that I’ve read that have followed this theme and have been pretty good. But what really makes me want to read this romance novel is the last sentence of the excerpt. I just have to know what it means!

The Dare by Lauren Landish Romance Novel

The Dare by Lauren Landish

Have you ever had one of those really bad days at work? You know, one where your hot boss catches you photocopying your backside in his office? No? Just me then?
I blame my bestie and partner in chaos. She challenged me with a not-so-innocent dare that I should’ve flat out declined.
But I’m an adrenaline junkie, and now, here I am. I know it sounds crazy, and daredevil tendencies aside, I definitely went too far to get his attention.
But you haven’t seen him. Colton Wolfe. My boss. Tall, dark, and handsome, with the sexiest British accent I’ve ever heard. His only flaw? That he’s completely oblivious to what’s been right in front of him all along. Me.
Well, he was until a few minutes ago. Remember those good old days? Before I got caught making “nice” with the copy machine, and before I was totally getting fired?
But wait. Maybe I’m not. If I can take on the biggest dare of all. Making Colton Wolfe fall in love with me.

The first paragraph of this excerpt had me interested. That coupled with the fact that this is an office romance? It was inevitable.

The Secret Girl by CM Stunich Romance Novel

The Secret Girl by CM Stunich

Shh, I have a secret.
The sinfully gorgeous members of the Student Council—Church, Ranger, Spencer, Micah and Tobias—can’t ever find out.
I already get picked on because my father’s the headmaster.
I don’t need them to know I’m the only girl, too; I’d rather dress like a boy.
Adamson All-Boys Academy now has its only female student, but I’m not about to be their guinea pig.
Not when there’s a secret at this school nobody is talking about. Not when the last female student here ended up dead.

Okay so the biggest reason why this romance novel is being added to my list is because of:

The amount of gender bent manga that I have read is somewhat embarrassing tbh. I have never read a book that touches on the theme so why not start now?

Have you read any of the romance novels above? Did you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below!



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