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Things are going to be a little discombobulated (is that how you even spell that) here at A Novel Idea for a little bit, bookworms. I have so many ideas I want to implement and being the instant gratification troll that I am….I want it all to happen ASAP.

But it wont.

I will let you guys in on a tid bit of one of the many things I have planned:

Your girl is taking building her own WordPress Theme.

Yes. That is right. Your eyeballs read that correctly. A.WORDPRESS.THEME.

I finally started to code again after so so long (like two months honestly. Im just dramatic) and I haven’t been tooooooooooo happy with the current themes or themes that I’ve seen. So I’m taking matters into my own fingers.

However, this post is not about my diving into wordpress theme making (if you want a tutorial, let me know in the comments below), It’s all about my favorite Book bloggers from the last year.

Favorite Book Bloggers

If you didn’t re-follow me after the 2019 blog transfer fiasco in where I lost all my readers, let me tell you that A Novel Idea has been officially floating around in internet-space for a year now. My precious internet baby has turned 1. I’ve learned so many things in the last year and feel like my blogging style is finally starting to settle in (not really)!

In this one year adventure, I’ve come across and interacted with many amazing and wonderful people across the bookblog verse.

Bookworms who share my passion for words on a page/screen/audio and have their own little corners to be vocal about it. Each and everyone of these bloggers have shaped, helped, and inspired my blogging skills as a book blogger and I will forever be grateful that wordpress introduced me to them.

If you are not already following them, let me tell you what a mistake you are making because their content is honestly A1.

Favorite book bloggers

I’m always on the lookout for other bookish bloggers! Have a favorite? Have your own bookish blog? Drop the link in the comments below!



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  1. I’m super excited to check out all of these amazing bloggers. Thanks for highlighting them!

    1. Jeimy says:

      They are such amazing bloggers! I Hope you enjoy them! <3

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