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December Wrap Up

December was such a stressful time for me, true to all Decembers. From Christmas shopping to getting more job responsibilities to taking a marketing course to falling into a reading slump, I can’t say I’m not happy that December is over with!

Even though it was such a hectic month, I can’t say everything about it was horrible. December had small pockets of good moments that I will cherish for a lifetime. Next month will be A Novel Idea’s first birthday and I have a post coming up with all the juicy details of what I learned from my first year of blogging as a book blogger.

For now, however, let’s take a look at December’s Wrap Up.

December was a good month for this little book blog of mine and my goodreads account. I managed to complete my reading goal and then some before I fell victim to a reading slump. Additionally, I participated in Bookending Winter and held my first ever hosted bookish post! I added two new segments to the rotation of book blog posts and A Novel Idea reached 192 readers! (Before I lost all of them migrating to self hosted! :-D)

Oh! And on the last day of the year, A Novel Idea became a self hosted website! Which was and is absolutely nerve-wrecking but your girl got it

December Stats:

Since I migrated to being Self Hosted, all my stats are gone. All I remember from December was being close to 200 readers! This was a big feat for me because I honestly dont know what I’m doing half the time.

December Books Read:

A big WAD of NADA. I didn’t finish a single book.

December Blog Posts :

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: 12 days of Bookmas Booktag!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: It’s a Snowflake Story!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Winter Vacation!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: A Bookish Carol Book Tag

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Gingerbread Latte + GIVEAWAY Announcement

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Christmas book Wishlist

Book Review: Valiant By Holly Black

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Reflection Time!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: A Very Potter Christmas!

Over Coffee: Tips for Successful Book Gifting with Guest Blogger Mary Helen Sheriff

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Sport-Tacular Christmas!

BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Blanket, Tea, Read!

Book Review: Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm

November Wrap-up

WWW Wednesday Book Meme: Capítulo 4

WWW Wednesday Book Meme: Chapter 4

Planning With Jei: December

December Favorite Blog posts:

How I plan for the New Year By Fictionally Sam

BE Winter ’19: Weasley Jumper book tag by Meeghan Reads

Queen Of Nothing Book Review by AbookAthought

Blogging Schedule for Success by Ell Duclos

January ”Planned” TBR:

January’s TBR list will be all the books I didn’t finish in December. I’m slowly crawling out of the reading slump which will allow me to finish the last couple of chapters of all the currently reading books I have in my Goodreads account.

December Wrap Up Currently Reading January
Currently Reading January

How did your December go? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your post!



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  1. I’m honored that you liked my review, honey! Thank you SO much & I wish you all the luck to catch up with your readings and more importantly, I hope you enjoy them ❤️
    Have the best day! 🥰

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