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Characters I Loved and disliked in 2019

There are characters that we come across that we undoubtedly fall for. They become our children, our precious cinnamon rolls, our book girlfriends and boyfriends. We obsess over them, defend them and if we have the skill, we draw mountains of Fan Art or write tomes of fanfiction (a rabbit hole I have yet to waltz down into).

Then there are characters that we could care less about. They left little to no impression or a sour taste in our mouths. They disappointed us, have done horrible things to our favorite characters that we can’t forgive, or were just plain awful beings.

2019 had some amazing reads for me and I definitely have expanded both my lists of Favorite and disliked characters because of it.

Characters I Loved and disliked in 2019

Favorite Characters from 2019

  1. The Bone Carver from ACOTAR: The Bone Carver was one of my absolutely favorite side characters for ACOTAR. Absolutely Messy, the Bone carver’s scenes were some of my favorites when reading Mist and Shadow and Wings and Ruin.
  2. Lara from the Bridge Kingdom: Lara earned herself a stop in the top 10 favorite characters last year for being strong-willed, vulnerable and wise. Her struggle between her loyalty to her kingdom and her love for her new home were incredibly enjoyable to read. It really made me admire her. Read my review here
  3. Jonah Collins from The Best Thing: Jonah Collins hits you right in the feels. Too pure and sweet for this world, Jonah solidified himself as a fave. Caring, responsible and just an overall perfect human being. He gives me all the sugary feelings. Read my review here
  4.   Rowan Whitehorn from TOG series:  Rowan hit all the things I love in a male character. Grumpy, conflicted, loyal, and fussy with the love of his life. Read my mini review on TOG 1-3 here
  5.  Agnieszka From Uprooted: Agnies and I share a lot of things. Loyal to our friends, hair is always a curly mess, hates shoes and grumpy men attract us. She was so fun to read about and her development as a character was enticing. Read my review here
  6. Malachiasz from Wicked Saints: My inner goth teen is absolutely smitten by him. PRECIOUS GOTH BOY TROUBLE MAKER THAT I WILL PROTECT UNTIL MY LAST DYING BREATHE. I haven’t finished Wicked Saints yet because of a reading slump but I love him.

Disliked Characters from 2019

  1. Maeve from TOG: There aren’t enough middle fingers in the world for Maeve.
  2. Tamlin from ACOTAR: Tamlin is every self-entitled “nice guy”. Controlling, selfish and self-victimizing. Until we see a redemption arc, Tamlin remains on the poop list.
  3. Mal from Shadow and Bone: Like Tamlin, Mal is the “nice guy” a****le. He finally notices Alina only after she left. Gets mad that she is being noticed by someone else and uses his feelings for her as a way to make her feel bad. Honestly, a disappointment. Read my review here
  4. Mel Strickland from How to Hack a Heartbreak: I had high hopes for Mel in How to hack a heartbreak but I couldn’t continue with it. Read my review here

What characters were your favorite in 2019? Which ones did you dislike? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I loved Malachiasz, too.

    1. Jeimy says:

      Malachiasz is a character I didn’t even know I wanted!

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