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Camp Nanowrimo 2022: Actually Plotting my Novel

This post is 22 days late, I know, but my participation in Camp Nanowrimo 2022 has not been as anticipated. Truth be told, I didn’t even start actually participating until the 13th of April. I spent much of the first two weeks Thinking about what kind of story I wanted to write and how I wanted to go about writing it.
I went back and forth with several ideas I had written in my Story Planner, I even began writing character sheets for one but it just didn’t feel right…

It sucks, when inspiration strikes and you start getting into the grittiness of it, only to realize mid way that it falls flat. The puzzle pieces don’t fit and the characters don’t stick. I spent days thinking about how to tackle the problem of my idea’s just falling flat. I knew the main reason had to be the fact that I don’t know how to PLOT.
Yep, I said it. I don’t know how to plot.

There’s a million and one ways to do it. Each Author has their own technique. Some follow the old way, some come up with a new way. It gets very overwhelming and picking up a book that wont get to the point on how to go about it was not something I was thrilled about. However, I found LivingWriter.

LivingWriter is a writing application that offers a wide set of tool for writing your story. It has writing templates, Plot Boards, Chapter Cards, a Story elements section and a Research section. The Writing Templates were what won me over. LivingWriter offers these templates to guide you in plotting out your story. I’m using the 27 Chapter Plot template and I’m already in Act 2 scene/chapter 7 in plotting my story out. I have never made it this far before. Usually, I run into a point where I don’t know how to move ahead or the story disintegrates in the first Act.
The template breaks down the 3 Act Structure in a digestible way. It’s so easy for me to follow and understand what each chapter is doing and it’s purpose to the overall story. Seeing each Chapter summarized on a flashcard for each Act allows me to visualize the events better and keeps me consistent. I don’t have to scroll back and forth on a google doc to make sure I am following a point or making sure I’m keeping the story straight.

I was able to plot out my entire novel in about 4 days. 4 DAYS!!! Granted, I still have to go back and edit some points; add some elements that I didn’t think of before and the like. However, I can officially say that my novel is plotted. I know where I’m going to go with the story and I even have some ideas for book 2.

This Camp Nanowrimo is going a lot better than the previous ones and it’s all thanks to this tool! I’m excited to finally see one of my stories fully plotted. Now my next steps are to research for World-Building and hopefully be able to start drafting in August’s Camp Nanowrimo šŸ™‚

What writing tools have you been using for Camp Nanowrimo? What do you like about it?

Let me know in the comments below!



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