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Buddy Read: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Vampires be wild in Forks” – Fictionally Sam

In preparation for the release of Midnight Sun on August 4th, the amazing Sam from FictionallySam and I are doing a Buddy Read of Twilight. During our little adventure down memory lane, we occasionally passed judgment on our younger selves and compared how we felt about certain scenes now as adults.

Gold Points between Sam and I’s conversations

These are random snippets from our conversation. They are in no specific order:

Chats with Fictionally Sam 3
Twilight Buddy Read: Chats with Fictionally Sam 1
Twilight Buddy Read: Chats with Fictionally Sam 4
Twilight Buddy Read: Chats with Fictionally Sam 2

My Thoughts during this Twilight Buddy Read

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve read this book. 13 years and some change to be exact and I’m not sure why I thought it was amazing. Maybe it was because I too was a naive pre-teen who hoped to find true love with the first boy she came across (lol)? Or maybe it was because I barely understood romance at that age?

Reading this book as an adult, I couldn’t help the eye rolls, the disapproving grunts, or frowns that touched my face. The choppy writing and way the novel just runs full speed ahead….it left more to be desired. I felt like there was no character development at all. Bella remains the same girl she was at the beginning of the book at the end.

I feel like the main characters fell flat and their interactions werent something that mattered. Everything seemed surface level, there was no depth to anything.

We could’ve done without the side characters entirely. This is the second time I’ve read the book and the only secondary character I can remember is Tyler. None of them helped push the story forward, they kinda were just there to take up space. There could’ve been some chapters that showed more interactions between Bella and them during the time Edward was gone so that they/the relationship between Bella and them didn’t seem as flat.

I would rather die than stay away from you


**sigh** The romance was just….nonexistent. You can’t really see it blooming, it’s just shoved down your throat and you are forced to accept that they are in love despite there not being much interaction between them. There is absolutely no courting involved. NONE. ZILCH. Edward leaves for a couple of days, comes back, talks to Bella like 5 times, and BAM they are in love.

You are my life now


There is no flirting, no extended conversations about each other; it was 1 page of 20 questions and that’s it. But did I get that as a pre-teen? Did I understand that? Of course not. What was I going to know about actual romantic relationships at that age?

One thing I do have to say is, the character that was robbed the most of this story is Charlie. I wish we had more Charlie time. Single Dad, still in love with his free footed ex, trying to raise a very naive teenager on his own? Charlie deserved better!

Charlie deserved a whole chapter of him just trying to get to know his daughter. Of him laying down the law! Of him being more than just a prop!

While I may not have liked the book as an adult, I still have respect and appreciation for Twilight. It’s no secret that it’s the reason why I read romance novels. It has its flaws but the book wasn’t written for adults. It was written for a much younger age group.

Stay Tuned for the next Buddy Read of New Moon!



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