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BOOKENDINGSPRING19: 5 benefits of buying physical books

It’s Easter Weekend!

Today’s Bookending Spring Prompt was supplied by Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things.

This fun event created by Sam from fictionallysam.com & Clo from
bookdragons247.wordpress.com meant to bring the book community together!

I got on the E-reader band wagon 7 years ago when I had just entered college. (Has it really been 7 years…oh goodness….) I lived in a very small apartment, my room smaller still, and did not have space for any more books.

I remember thinking that E-readers were a waste of money. Why would you forgo the smell of a newly opened book or an old book? Why would you give up the feeling of the pages between your fingertips for a cold glass screen?

But there I was, no more space in my room for more books. A little fun fact about me…My mother calls me the Book Dragon. I never throw out books, never give them away. I would never let other people touch them, open them to crease the spine, or borrow them. I guarded my trove ferociously.

Yet the time came where it was at maximum capacity and I had no choice but to buy an E-reader. And that’s when I realized how naive I’d been. A whole new world opened up to me then.

Despite now having an e-reader, over the years and with the moving to different places with more space, I still buy Physical copies to add to my ever growing library.

Physical copies are a ritual. The excitement of holding a copy of a book you’ve waited months for or even years for. The smell of “fresh” ink as you open it and the soft feel of the smooth pages.

Nothing can replace that.

The sense of pride one gets when they take a look at their ever growing collection. There is power in those quantities, a sense of calm and peace.

And to have a favorite book signed by the author? An e-reader could never do that. A virtual signature is not the same as a physical one.

I realize that all my reasons are purely emotional ones but am I wrong?

What’re you reasons for buying physical books? Let me know in the comments below or Link me to your post!


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