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BOOKENDING AUTUMN 2019: Falling In Love

Hello Fellow Bookworms!

For those of you still out of the loop, Bookending Autumn 2019 is one of the quarterly Bookend Events created and ran by two amazing book bloggers, Sam and Clo. The goal for each quarter is to discover new blogs, bring the community together and make new friends! You can track and join the fun by checking out the #BEAutumn19 hashtag on twitter 🙂

Today’s Bookending Autumn prompt was created by the one and only Meeghan @Meeghan Reads! Go check out her answers and take a trip through her amazing blog!


 Autumn is for walks in the brisk air, drinking lattes, wearing matching scarves and hats, jumping in piles of leaves… wait! Is this sounding a little tropey to you? Let’s talk about some of our fave (and not so fave) romance tropes.

A point of debate for as long as I’ve been a bookworm (aka all my life), Tropes are constantly talked about throughout the tv and book world. Whether we like them or not, tropes are an important part of every story we read/ see. Regardless of whether they are romantic or platonic, they play a necessary role in order to get the story moving along and have the viewers/readers relate.

It’s been a while since I’ve subjected you guys to written about my favorite tropes: Top Five Tuesdays: Tropes I Hate To Love

Not much has changed from April to now honestly. If anything my love for certain romantic tropes has grown stronger with the release of certain books.

Last time I was limited to just give you only 5 tropes and they were only ones I love. This time around, let me bombard you with everything!

Tropes I absolutely love

  1. Enemies/Bully to Lover
  2. Childhood Friend to Lover
  3. Soul Mate/Fate
  4. Opposites Attract
  5. Fairytale
  6. Guardian/ward 
  7. Marriage of convenience | Arranged marriage
  8. Office romance 
  9. Athlete 
  10. Second Chance at Love

Tropes that are my guilty pleasure

  1. Love Triangle| Reverse Harems
  2. One and Only/ Love at first sight
  3. Lion and Lamb(Hidden wolf)
  4. Fake relationship
  5. Best friend’s sibling
  6. Cyrano

Tropes that I do not like

  1. Kidnapped
  2. Mail-order bride
  3. Sex- Trafficking
  4. Consanguinity

Which tropes are your favorite? Your least favorites? Would like some recommendations or have some recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!



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  2. Ah, there’s some tropes i never heard of before! But most of your loved ones are mine aswell! 🥰

    I had forgotten about that one in my post- consanguility… although i’m an only child, so idk the « typical dynamic » of siblings… being attracted by such a close family member is so wrong in my brain. Like, okay – it can be different if you/they were adopted and you didn’t knew you were related can sorta pass (you have the benefit of the doubt there!) but otherwise? Errrrh… nope.

    1. Distant (like way distant) cousins and step-siblings/adoptive siblings I can give a pass to but like you, close family members are a hard no for me. It’s very uncomfortable for me to read it.

      I’m glad my post has exposed you to new tropes! Thank you so much for reading! <3

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