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Book Tag: Favorite Book Besties

Hello Fellow Bookworms! Happy Saturday!

In celebration of National Best Friend day, I thought it’d be a cute idea to do a Favorite Book Besties book tag! We have all come across book friendships that have left a lasting impression or have reminded us of our own.

The rules to this book tag are simple; choose your top five favorite dynamic duo/trio. The terms of friendship can be strictly Platonic or Platonic to romantic or enemies to best friends or even romantic to Platonic. Friendships blossom is all shapes and forms!

Favorite Book Besties book tag

It’s no surprise that these five book Best Friends are my Favorite. They’re all from my favorite novels! These characters’ relationships were a big part of why I enjoyed the stories so much.

They are:

  1. Cassian, Azriel, and Rhysand from the ACOTAR series: These three idiots’ friendship had my heart since the first time we saw their interaction. Their friendship is a true brotherhood, a force of power and stability for all three. I hope we see more of their friendship in the Nessian novel.
  2. Rose and Lisa from the Vampire Academy series: These two girls had a friendship so strong they were soul linked. I absolutely loved the shenanigans these two got into and how their personalities complimented each other. I have yet to read the novels from Lissa’s point of view but I hope that when I do, Rose will be included in them.
  3. Aelin and Rowan from the TOG series:Their friendship started out rocky but blossomed into something beautiful. I adored how we saw the progression of their dislike for one another to becoming attached to the hip and finally…..well you know 🙂
  4. Addie and Meryl from Two Princesses of Bamarre: Siblings who are also best friends is probably one of my favorite types of friendship. Addie and Meryl’s friendship is very similar to Rose and Lisa’s. They would do anything for one another and will go to lengths to protect each other. It’s truly heart warming. <3
  5. Ryen and Misha from Punk57: The whole Penpal thing got me. Seeing these twos friendship progress from anonymous best friends to lovers was incredibly satisfying. I’ve re-read this book 4 times now and

I Tag You! What are your favorite book best friends? Let me know in the comments below or link me on your post!



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