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BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Winter Vacation!

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Winter Vacation 

Pack your bags again because we are going on another vacation! List five snowy fantasy worlds/cities you would like to spend your Winter in.

1. Antica from TOG:

Honestly, for all the smack I talked about Chaol….I was glad for Tower of Dawn. The Southern Continent became one of the places I would love to visit. The bits and pieces of culture Sarah fed to us left me wanting more!

2. The Groves in Uprooted:

The scenes that took place in the Grove were my favorite in this book. The way Naomi painted them were so magical and serene, I remember wishing there was such a place near me like that. <3

3. Winter Court from ACOTAR:

I am not a fan of snow. Never been, don’t think I will ever be but to catch a glimpse of Kallias?…..I’d subject myself to all the snow and all the cold.

4. Hogsmeade from Harry Potter

Potterheads understand why. And if you don’t, then let me put it this way: A cute little town with cute little shops and cute little pubs? Oh and sprinkle some magic in there? It’s the perfect snowy get-away! Universal Studios has made the possibility of going there true, even if the temperature isn’t accurate!

5. The Vampire Knight World:

As much as I disliked the way the series decided to go, I always loved the idea of Vampires and Human’s coexisting. I dreamt of being in a school like that and dreamt of having my own Zero <3 I’d definitely would love to visit the Vampire Knight World for a day even now as an adult.

Where are you flying off to for a bookish winter vacation? Let me know in the comments below!

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