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BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: It’s a Snowflake Story!

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It’s A Snowflake Story

This is for all my writers! Using the words below write a story:

Flurries, Snow, Christmas, Blush, Smirk


  1. Write a one sentence story using the words
  2. Write a one paragraph story using the words

You don’t have to do both. You can do one or the other and add pictures!

One Sentence Story

Flurries danced in the air as we trekked through the snow, a Christmas morning none of us will forget, to the body outstretched by the riverbank with a permanent smirk on her lips and a fading blush on her cheeks.

One paragraph Story

Looking out the cabin window, I watched as more flurries fell from the skies onto the growing snow covered ground. My foot tapped with an energetic impatience I could not shake, if it weren’t for this blasted snow we would have been miles away by now. “Tapping your foot and glaring out the window, will not make it fall faster nor melt it” his breath warm against my ear. I turned, startled that I had not heard him come in, ready to push him away from me but he caught my hands in his. A blush made it’s way up to my cheeks, the room suddenly too warm, and his smirk turned mischievous. “Everyone else got a Christmas gift” he murmured, his face getting closer, “Let me give you yours.”

I absolutely love snowflake writing! Drop the link to your post below or comment your short stories, I can’t wait to read them!

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  2. So… I did not realize we were only supposed to write a sentence or paragraph story when I read the original prompt. Whoops lol! I hope you like my story anyway:

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