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BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: 12 days of Bookmas Booktag!

For those of you who haven’t joined the fun or want to discover some amazing blogs, I highly suggest in taking a look at the announcement post over at Clo’s blog!

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12 Days Of Bookmas

A fun little book tag that forces you to look at your TBR (self torture here we come!) Hopefully, it helps you rediscover books you’ve forgotten or even help you clear up some of the ones you don’t want to read anymore!

On the 12 days of Bookmas, my tbr gave to me:

  • 12 oldest add dates
  • 11 3 star books
  • 10 books that are YA
  • 9 books with girls on the cover
  • 8 books with highschool settings
  • 7 books non-contemporary themed
  • 6 Golden Guy love interests (popular guy)
  • 5 books with the same author
  • 4 books out of your comfort zone
  • 3 4 star books
  • 2 book recommendations
  • 1 book that you can’t wait to read

On the 12 days of Bookmas, my tbr gave to me:

♫ 12 oldest add dates ♫

I have a feeling that I forgot to remove some of these books when I did the Down the TBR hole these past months….I’m going to have to look at those posts again to confirm because I don’t think I’d keep Creeping, Nightfall or Destiny Binds.

♫ 11 3 star books ♫

Fun Fact: The majority of the books in my TBR are 3 star books!

I’ll probably get rid of The Surrender of Persephone….I really want to read a Hades x Persephone retelling but I don’t think I’ll enjoy this one now that I read the excerpt again.

♫ 10 books that are YA ♫

Fun Fact 2: There is TONS of YA on my TBR….I didn’t fall into the NA kick until like 3 years ago and I usually binge those before anything else. Bad Habit

♫ 9 books with girls on the cover ♫

I never realized how many books on my TBR have girls on their covers until now. It’s interesting to see.

♫ 8 books with highschool settings ♫

All the teen drama, All the teen angst! But Jei isn’t feeling any of these so all the goodbyes!

♫ 7 books non-contemporary themed ♫

The only books that I’m keeping is the Captive Prince ones. I’ve heard such great things about it and I can’t wait to get around to it….*looks at the pile she has left still* Totally will get around to it…..

6 Golden Guy love interests (popular guy)

Some of that Popular guy falls for the nerd/unpopular girl for the soul. I am weak to this trope. WEAK! send help!

5 books with the same author

While I haven’t exactly obsessed over the books I’ve read by Ilsa, I do enjoy them. Dirty English was a quick and interesting read, alpha bad boys are her forte 😉

4 books out of your comfort zone

I’d like to think myself as someone who would love to actually read a Stephen King book, since I’ve enjoyed the TV renditions of his work…but lets be honest here bookworms….I’m not that strong to walk away from my comfort zone just yet.

3 4 star books

Dark shores and Alex are so highly talked about, I’m keeping them in my TBR. The color of Magic however….I don’t think I’ll ever find it in me to read it.

2 book recommendations

These two books were recommended to me by a fellow bookworm friend. I’ve heard many praises for J.R Ward so I cannot wait to sink my teeth in (get it? Sink my teeth in…HA!) the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

As far as Cruel Prince, we all know by now how I get weak knees from the whole Bully to Lover trope.

Read more here on what tropes I like 🙂

1 book that you can’t wait to read

In this blog, we stan Sarah J Maas! And if you dont…..well that’s cool too! She isn’t your cup of tea and that’s fine but she’s my cup of dark dark coffee. Her newest series is an instant preorder item for me and I cannot wait to finally have it in my small grubby hands!

What did your TBR give you? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your post!

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  1. Haha yes I remember reading Perfect Chemistry!! I think I’m more of a bad boy type of a reader 😂 but I do like a popular guy likes a nerdy girl trope.
    DARK LOVER!!! I’m a huge fan of that series 😄

    1. Bad boys are always a fave! Im super biased toward them lol!

      Glad you like Dark Lover! The series is definitely making its way to the top of my TBR with each good thing I hear about it!

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