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Winter Vacation

Bookending Winter is one of the four quarterly bookish events created by the amazing FictionallySam and CuppaClo. It spans from December 1st to the 31st and is filled with fun wintery themed prompts!

The announcement post is up on Cuppaclo‘s site, Bookending Winter 2020 Announcement. Be sure to sign up and prepare to be a part of such an amazing bookish event!

Whether you are new to the book community or a veteran, I highly recommend participating! It connects you to new and exciting book blogs; not to mention, you can meet wonderful bookish people!

Today’s post was created by Me!



It’s time for another Winter Vacation!! But this time we’re quarantined! List five snowy fantasy worlds/cities you want to spend the quarantined in!


Lunathon from House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas

While some parts of Crescent City aren’t exactly the safest place to stay, I would love to be quarantined in either Five Roses or the Old Square. Just imagine how magical both places during the winter. And it wouldn’t hurt to have hunks like Hunt or Ruhn to cuddle up with. 😉

Atlantia from Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L Armentrout

Just imagine being quarantined in a Kingdom meant to have disappeared? Long forgotten and near a forest in where a god sleeps? I would love to be quarantine in Atlantia, especially if the place I’m quarantined in is near the temple of Nyktos. Preferably with Kieran or Hawke to keep me company 🙂

Velaris from A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J Maas

I know I’ve mentioned Velaris before, in the first ever Vacation post. However, hear me out. Being quarantined within the Rainbow of Velaris would be a dream come true. Even if I couldn’t go out, just being around such an artistic area would bring me so much joy. I can just imagine it: I have a small loft atop one of the artshops with a small balcony facing the colorful streets. Snowflakes quietly fall while I look out the window with a book in hand and a fire in the fireplace going….*sigh* A girl can dream….

The Bridge Kingdom from The Bridge Kingdom Series by Danielle L Jensen

Lush green forests and beautiful ocean cities?? Sign me up! Quarantining in one of the Bridge Kingdom cities would be a relaxing vacation. Just imagine smelling the ocean air every morning. Reading by the beach when no one is around? Sitting atop a tree branch and looking at the sunset….

Midscape from A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova

Another dream of owning a small loft atop a shop in a Kingdom filled with magic and Elves/Fae. Lush green trees, blue skies and the bitter sweet taste of black coffee on my lips as I look out onto the other houses from my window….my coffee pot magically filling my empty cup….It’s a need! Not a want! Quarantining in Midscape wouldn’t be as grand as lets say Velaris with all it’s artistic grandeur but it would still be a nice experience 🙂

What 5 bookish worlds/cities would you quarantine in? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to you BEWinter20 blog post!



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