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BEWINTER20 – Warming your winter: Celebrating the highs of 2020

Bookending Winter is one of the four quarterly bookish events created by the amazing FictionallySam and CuppaClo. It spans from December 1st to the 31st and is filled with fun wintery themed prompts!

The announcement post is up on Cuppaclo‘s site, Bookending Winter 2020 Announcement. Be sure to sign up and prepare to be a part of such an amazing bookish event!

Whether you are new to the book community or a veteran, I highly recommend participating! It connects you to new and exciting book blogs; not to mention, you can meet wonderful bookish people!

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Today’s post was created by the magical Becky and Lauren over at NorthernPlunder ! Check out their blog and don’t forget to check their post out here


Warming your winter: Celebrating the highs of 2020

Spend some time reflecting on those people in your life who’ve made this year better. Consider sharing some blog posts that really moved you, or talk about some memories you’ve made. Either way, just hype up some pals that might be in need of a pick me up.

Warming your winter: Celebrating the highs of 2020

This is a very much need prompt for me. While 2020 has not been completely horrible personally, it was still a tough year. The sudden changes we had to go through were a big stress and anxiety factor. Not to mention, the whole ordeal with the elections. It was hard to keep positive this year…very very hard and reminding myself of all the good that has come this year isn’t something I’ve done. This post is the chance I needed, to sit down and list all of the great things that have happened to me this year. Let’s go chronologically!

Moved into a new Apartment! – July 2020

While I enjoyed living in my old apartment because of the area and the giant closet doors that were mirrors, it’s nice to finally have a space where I “fit”. I no longer need to think five times about buying something for fear that there isn’t space for it. The lighting in this new apartment isnt the best but there is space for my books, my computers, and my art supplies. Living with my boyfriend, especially through this pandemic, has been a dream. Especially since he lets me make all the apartment design decisions!

Got a Puppy! – August 2020

For those of you who didn’t catch August’s update post:

I got a puppy with my boyfriend (crazy, I know). His name is Bandit and he’s a Lab mix. Bandit was a rescue puppy, came with traumas that we are slowly beginning to understand and work through. At first, he would not come out of his crate. Wouldn’t let us touch him and we would have to carry him outside.

Slowly, with lots of love and space, he started to come out and trust us. Now he won’t leave our side! (seriously) He is completely housebroken, follows us around the house, cries if we are in the bathroom without him, gets excited when we get home, throws his toys at us so we can play with him and learns commands so so quick! (He learned how to sit, give paw, lay down and jump in the span of two weeks…genius puppy? Maybe!) We still have to work on him not being terrified of being outside and getting him used to other people but we have made strides with him.

Started an Etsy Store – September 2020

In the fall, I started my own Etsy store as a side project. It was a wonderful experience and it made me really happy people were enjoying the stickers I was making. Not to mention, it gave me a reason to buy a cricut machine! I plan to make more stickers in the future and maybe even custom planner stickers as well. However, I would like to improve my art before I do so the store will remain un-updated for a while.

Got an internship as a Web Developer – December 2020

At the start of this month, I got approved to intern at the Marketing Department of my job as a Web Developer! I am beyond excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to add all the experience I’ll receive from this to my resume. I’m hoping that with this, I can finally try and go for a Web Developer position at another company or even make a case for a junior web dev at the current one!

Bookish Community – All Year

This year I feel like I’ve come across more amazing book bloggers and have built a friendship with some of my favorites. I’ve blog hopped more than the last year too! (Can’t tell you how excited buddy reading with Sam gets me! She’s the bomb dot com!)
I’m very grateful to all the wonderful book bloggers I’ve met in this blogging journey of mine and hope that one day, I’ll have the confidence to ask all of you for collab posts or even buddy reads!

Here are my favorites so far! (you should be following all of them! They have GREAT content!)

That felt so good to write out!! I caught myself smiling while I did and honestly, it made me realize that I should be focusing on all the blessings I’ve gotten throughout all this.
I hope that you all have had some good moments in this uneasy time we are living in and that the end of this year brings more peace than the previous months.
Let me know in the comments below one happy moment you experienced this year!



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