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BEWINTER20 – It’s another Snowflake Story

Snowflake Story

Bookending Winter is one of the four quarterly bookish events created by the amazing FictionallySam and CuppaClo. It spans from December 1st to the 31st and is filled with fun wintery themed prompts!

The announcement post is up on Cuppaclo‘s site, Bookending Winter 2020 Announcement. Be sure to sign up and prepare to be a part of such an amazing bookish event!

Whether you are new to the book community or a veteran, I highly recommend participating! It connects you to new and exciting book blogs; not to mention, you can meet wonderful bookish people!

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Today’s post was created by Me!


It’s another Snowflake Story

Write a 1 sentence and a 1 paragraph story using the 5 selected wintery words.

Mistletoe, Blanket, Icicles, Evergreen, snowflake

It’s another Snowflake story

1 sentence

A blanket of snow covered the Evergreen woods overnight, icicles hanging under the rain gutter and covering the mistletoe we’d hung outside.

1 paragraph

Snowflakes danced down from the skies, the early morning sunlight causing the icicles to glisten like diamonds as they hung from the trees. Pulling my blanket closer to my body and sighing as the first sip of coffee warms me, I smile. He would’ve loved being here. I could just image the excitement in his Evergreen eyes. Could imagine him holding a mistletoe over me every chance he got. My heart twinges at the bittersweet memory of him. He made his choice….he chose his kingdom over us. Left me for dead. My smile broadens as the first of my soldiers begin to stir in their tents. Hell is about to knock on his doorsteps.

I can’t wait to read your snowflake stories!!! Drop them in the comments below or drop the link to your post!!



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