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BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: Reflection Time!

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For those of you who haven’t joined the fun or want to discover some amazing blogs, I highly suggest in taking a look at the announcement post over at Clo’s blog!

Today’s prompt was created by the glorious Laurie @ Laurie’s Bookshelf. Don’t forget to head over to her blog to check out the original prompt and while you’re add it, check out her other amazing posts!


Reflection time

Prompt Explanation: December is here and that means it’s time to look back on the past year. How was your 2019 regarding books? Did you haul too many books? Did you have a great reading year? Too many (E)ARCs left? And did you pass your reading challenge? Furthermore, it’s time to look forward. What goals would you like to reach in the last month of 2019? Certain books you want to read before 2020 is upon us? Do you have reading goals for 2020? So, let’s reflect on your bookish 2019!

This year was full of new everything. New hobby, new books, new place, new LOOK; 2019 was a year of challenge and growth for me. Especially as a bookworm! (or is it bookwyrm? *winks*)

Not going off my Goodreads challenge and more out of feeling, I feel like 2019 was a great book year for me. I got back into reading 700+ page books again, I’ve incorporated reading as a daily thing after so many years, I discovered amazing authors and read many great stories! I grew as a reader, expanding my tastes into other genres I would not otherwise have read back in the day.

I feel good about my reading habits this year.

However, for those of you wandering about my Goodreads Challenge stats:

I surpassed my goal! Which is great!

As far as hauls go, I only had three hauls this year. Yes, that’s right. I, Jeimy, a book obsessed individual had the restraint to only do THREE hauls this year. You can check out my Book Haul Posts here.

I honestly read books that I had bought last year for the most part and borrowed ebooks from Kindle Unlimited (WHICH HAS BEEN A MONEY SAVER). There were two e-Arcs that were sent to me, one which has been reviewed and you can read here. I’m still working on the other e-Arc.

For the last month of 2019, the only goal I’m giving myself is to jot down all the new ideas I want to implement to A Novel Idea come the new year. I want to research self-hosting and completely redesign the look of my blog. I don’t know what my reading goal is going to look like in 2020 yet but there’s no rush. Like I’ve mentioned, I don’t like focusing too much on numbers.

What’re your reading goals for 2020? How did 2019 treat you? I would love to see your answers! Drop the link below or leave a comment!



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