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BESUMMER19: Popular Books That I Couldn’t Get Into

Happy Wednesday beautiful bookworms! It’s time for another Bookending Summer 19 discussion prompt!

This prompt was supplied by the awesome Rachel @ The Must Reads 


What are some books that got all the hype but that you just couldn’t get into? No judgement here!  Just honest conversation of the books that didn’t work out for us, no matter how much we wanted them to.

I’m a bit ashamed! Please try not to judge me too harshly for what I’m about to write.

I tried. Like really really tried! Three times in the span of the years since the books were released.

But I couldn’t get into…..The Grisha Series.

I got past the first book. I even re-read it recently. I was excited about purchasing the trilogy set. Shadow and Bone was like-able. I really enjoyed the Darkling but Alina and *looks at scribbled words in her hand* Mal…..

No matter how many times I got past the first book, I didn’t care about Alina or Mal. I didn’t care for their story, Alina annoyed me to no end and Mal felt like your typical boy who realized what he lost when she began to move on. I felt like the Darkling’s character had more work put into him which made him likeable despite the fact he was a villain.

Let me add that I got over the fact that Alina didn’t choose the Darkling. I don’t hold that against her character. I thought it was smart and made me like her an itsy bitsy bit. HOWEVER, her running back to Mal after he never noticed her……*FLIPS TABLES*

Unfortunately upon completing the first book, I had no desire to read the next in the series. I didn’t really care about what happened next. But I picked up Siege and Storm anyway.

Like last time I had picked it up, I made it about 10 pages in again and decided that it just wasn’t meant to be with us. I was still completely uninterested, couldn’t focus on the words, and had to re-read the chapters over again to understand what was going on. So for the final time, I DNF-ed it.

Which sucks because I really wanted to like it. I waited until I became a little older to see if maybe I hadn’t enjoyed it before because of who I was then. Not to mention, I liked Six of Crows, so I could give the Grisha trilogy another chance right? I was wrong.

The Grisha series and I were just not written in the stars.

What popular books couldnt you get into?

Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your own post!

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  1. Laurie says:

    Super funny, I really loved the Grisha but couldn’t get into the Six Of Crows duology although I rated the first book 5 stars back then. Maybe I’m going to lower it to 3 stars or whatsoever.


  3. Agree so much about the Darkling being more interesting than Mal, the slowness of Siege and Storm, and preferring Six of Crows.

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