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BESUMMER19: Build a Story

Honestly guys and gals, I’ve been waiting to post this since I saw the prompt when we were getting everything together for Bookending Summer 19!

I’ve rewritten this post over and over again, trying to get the perfect idea out. But since I’m a self-doubter….let’s just say my backspace key has a six pack by now.

After giving myself countless headaches, I finally got through the creative block that keeps popping up like a bad zit and BAM! an idea started to give way. Granted, it was an idea I had for a story years ago but I never got to think past the fleshy stuff. Thanks to this prompt, which I may have been obsessing over, I managed to give bones and organs to the idea. Which then led me to use it as the project I wanted to work on for CAMP NANOWRIMO.

This prompt was supplied by the lovely Isabelle@Bookwyrmbites.

Now without further ado…


Since July is Camp NaNoWriMo month, why not try putting together the basics of a novel? I’m sure you’ve noticed that most books contain several familiar elements; it’s the specific combination that makes each one unique!

So in whatever order makes most sense to you, choose a basic plotan appropriate settingyour favorite tropes (including a beginning trope and an ending trope), some archetypal characters, and anything else necessary for us to understand the heart of your narrative.

You can use the lists I’ve linked or search up your own!

World: Imaginary World

Fantasy is my favorite genre and much of it is due to the world building it takes. I decided to go with an Imaginary world for my story because I knew that I was going to obsess with little details. I don’t plan to create a whole language but I will be using inspiration from our history to create it.

Characters: Main and Supporting


Plot: Voyage and Return + Overcoming the Monster.

I was thinking a mixture of Voyage and Return with a mix of Overcoming the Monster. Of course there is some Comedy but I’m unsure how much yet.

Beginning arc:

I enjoy the unlikely hero types and the ones eager to break out of their norm. Since my story has two main characters, I decided to see how these worked together.

Middle arc:

I can’t help but sprinkle some good ol’ slow burn romance in there. I need ANGST. I don’t know the order of how it will go but I guess I’m going to have to trust my brain to lead me in the write path!

End arc: 

I enjoy stories that have that “the hero won this battle but there are other threats out there” feel. It opens up so many possibilities and I feel like it’s more realistic. Especially when war is involved. Nothing is 100% roses and rainbows afterward and having an opportunity to see the characters begin to heal emotional wounds is a soft spot for me.

I’ve been toying with the idea of sequels and I feel like that type of ending just makes that possibility more attainable.

See any tropes you enjoy? What tropes do you feel work together best?

Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your own post!

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  1. yay I’m so glad this prompt inspired you, and I hope your Camp NaNo is going well! fantasy worldbuilding is so much fun and the tropes you’ve picked definitely lend themselves to some really interesting developments – and the ending arc sounds particularly satisfying, I also love the “closure but not closed-off” / “what next” feeling.

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