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#BESpring 2020: The Procrastination Book Tag

Today’s post was created by Kate @ Cover to Cover Book Blog! Click here to check out her post and while you’re at it, hit that follow button! Kate has great bookish content on her blog!

Bookending Spring 2020 is one of the quarterly Bookend Events created and ran by two amazing book bloggers, Sam and Clo. The goal for each quarter is to discover new blogs, bring the community together and make new friends! You can track and join the fun by checking out the #BESPRING2020 hashtag on twitter 🙂

Procrastination Book Tag [Original]

An original book tag that will have you identifying the things that enable you to procrastinate, and sharing your favorites as you go!

Checking Emails

What are some of your favorite epistolary romances?

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas and Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

These two books tugged at my heart strings like no other, being two of the first epistolary romances I’ve ever read. Dear Aaron more so than Punk 57 in the sense that the majority of the book is text/email exchanges between the two MCs.

Watching Netflix

What are some of your favorite reads featuring a celebrity / royalty /
someone famous?

Not going to lie, 98% of the books I read mostly have royalty….I’m a huge fantasy nerd.

The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jensen, A Court of Thrones and Roses series by Sarah J Maas, Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J Maas, The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon, The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon….The list will go on forever.

Losing Time on Twitter

Link yourself and share your favorite Twitter accounts that keep you entertained

Twitter Icon

On Snapchat / Taking Bookish Photos

Share some of your favorite bookish photos, and be sure to tag your accounts! 

My current feed has been my favorite so far. I’m slowly getting used to my new camera and have been playing around with natural lighting and composition. It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated some time to photography and I’m slowly relearning everything from my photography class years ago.

Baking Cookies 🍪

Uh, yum! What books have you read recently that surprised you (in a good way)? 

This book was a rollercoaster ride but a slow one where you don’t know when the next drop is going to happen.

I’m someone who loves information. It helps me envision the world and characters clearer and Sarah J Maas delivered with this book. She gave us world building, detailed characterization and surprises that unless you read between the lines, you would’ve never figured out on your own.

Reading Books

What are some reads that sucked you in so much you had to keep reading?

House of Blood and Earth by Sarah J Maas, Uprooted by Naomi Novak, Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan, The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L Jensen, The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh, The Best Thing by Mariana Zapata, Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas, A Court of Wings and Fury by Sarah J Maas

Click on the pictures to be redirected to their goodreads page 🙂

Bullet Journaling

Feel free to share some of your favorite spreads!
What are some of your favorite listed blog posts that you recommend we check out?

I haven’t blog hopped yet so alas…I don’t have any favorite blog posts to give thee

Jumping from Task to Task

What are some books featuring multiple POV’s that you recommend?

Aside from House of Earth and Blood and The Beautiful, I can’t think of any right now……Check back later.

Scrolling through Bookstagram

What are some accounts that have the prettiest accounts? 
What are some accounts that always have great recommendations?


Click on the pictures to open their instagram!

Love/Hate Relationship with Phone

Books featuring your favorite enemies-to-lovers romance!

Singing Along to Music

Do you have any recommendations for musical books / rockstar romances?

I do not. Funnily enough, I have not read a book with a rockstar romance in it. PUNK 57 is as close as it gets but it didn’t really center around the MC being a rockstar. He was just in a band.

Playing Video Games

Shoutout some of your favorite books that take place in an alternate world!

There’s a lot of repetition here….haha…see question 6.

Blogging / BookTube-ing

What are some of your favorite blogs (or BookTube channels) that you follow?

I actually wrote a blog post on this! Check it out!

Favorite Book Bloggers

Senseless Cleaning/Organization

It takes skill to keep a series well organized – what series do you recommend that gets better and better with each book? 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I had actually picked up the first book years ago but it didn’t click. Last year, I gave it a second shot and I am so glad I did! The first book is definitely my least favorite but from book 3 and on….WOW.

Texting with Friends

Shoutout your favorite books that feature a great friendship

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas: Rhysand, Cassian and Azriel’s friendship is the BEST BROMANCE IN HISTORY…..okay maybe a tad bit of an exaggeration but I love their friendship.

Lingus by Mariana Zapata: Kat and Tristan friendship in this book is hilarious and sweet! It gives you all the feels!

I swear there’s more but I just can’t think of any from the top of my head!

Making Lists instead of doing Tasks

What are some of your favorite office / workplace romances?

Honesty time!

I’ve only read a handful of these books. The only one that I have absolutely loved, primarily because I am trash for slow burn romances, is The Hating game by Sally Thorne.

It had a palpable angst that I just…*chefs kiss*

I had to add it to my reading slump emergency kit!

Cuddling with Pets

Books that feature an animal changeling OR books that feature awesome, fun pets so well they’re basically characters!

I haven’t read many books that feature an animal changeling or companion. The closest on would be Abraxos from the Throne of Glass series.

Using Goodreads Like a Social Media

What are you currently reading, or What are the next couple books on your TBR?
Be sure to link your account!

Click the pic to be taken to my GoodReads Account 🙂

April”Planned” TBR:

  1. Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin
  2. The Shadows Between us by Tricia Levenseller

Looking back at my answers, you would think I’ve only read the same 5 books all my life! Haha!

But I swear I have read many books in my day…for some reason I’m blanking out on them except for the ones above. I’ll try to update this with other books sometime after I take a look at my Goodreads Account and jar the good ol nogging!

I nominate:


Drop the link to your post below! I would love to see your answers.



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  1. Oh my, we’re going to be wonderful friends. I LOVE Penny Reid, Mariana Zapata, Uprooted, Bullet Journaling and SJM!! (However my name is Kate, not Lauren 😉) Thank you for participating!! If you’re interested in books with shapeshifting, check out King Hall by Scarlett Dawn! I have so many recommendations for that one (shapeshifting is a huge fave!) but King Hall is a great one because it’s New Adult, whereas most of my Rec’s are just adult LOL. King Hall has excellent friends-to-lovers (like seriously, the friendship in this one is *chefs kiss!*), forbidden romance, magic system, royalty… so much goodness!!

    1. Jeimy says:

      Ah! Sorry!
      But indeed, this is the start of a great friendship! I would love all the recs you have for shapeshifting, I’ve been going through my Goodreads and its a sub-genre I’m severely lacking in.
      It was a fun tag! It really challenged me, I was sitting here like “OMG I HAVE READ MORE THAN THESE 5 BOOKS! GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!”
      I started King Hall when I was in my teens but never finished it, maybe it’s time I give it a second chance since I’m 26 now….I am weak against friends to lovers just as much as enemies to lovers

  2. i really enjoyed this post, i havent head of the first two books you spoke about – ill have to look into them some more. though for now imma go follow those beautiful accounts on instagram

    1. Jeimy says:

      I’m glad I could help you discover more bookstagram accounts! Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata is an amazing and heartwarming book! I highly recommend it!

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