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BOOKENDING AUTUMN 2019: Loving the Monster

Hello Fellow Bookworms!

Today’s Bookending Autumn prompt was created by the amazing Lauren @Northern Plunder. Click her @ to see her answers and peruse her blog! She has great content and her profile pic is 100%!

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Loving the Monster

Which Halloween monster is your all time favorite and why? Give us some recommendations or upcoming releases you’re excited about.

Gather round my lovelies, gather close. Let me tell you a story of a young girl and her first love.

When I was five or six years old, I remember sitting down next to my mother in bed as she popped in a VHS tape into the VCR. (I’m that old). Bright red letters filled the screen, the twang of piano keys married with ominous music, and the scene of black smoke overcoming a cross. My little fingers gripped tight onto my mother’s jeans, a little scared and yet anticipating what would happen.

Cut to the scene where they show Gary Oldman as Dracula kissing the ever so lovely Winona Rider…..Bam! About an hour later, I was besotted with the Dracula character. I remember ranting how it was unfair, that he should’ve gotten a happy ending too. Little did my mother know that it wasn’t going to be a short love story….oh no….Vampires had permanently gained a place in my heart for the next 20 years.

Vampires are such timeless creatures and I’ve enjoyed most of the different rendition writers have created. (Except Twilight….Sorry not Sorry but the sparkling? They could’ve just been Daywalkers and called it a *drumroll* day)

The grace and tragic longing are one of the many characteristics vampires have that call to me. The ability to live forever but watch your love ones die, to have every sense heighten but be a slave to blood lust. *sigh* Vampires are such a great subject when it comes to tragic love stories or slow burners.

There has been a slow decline on Vampire young adult/ new adult romance novels in the book world in the last couple of years. It’s been a while since they’ve been spotlighted as “What Teens are reading right now”/”Popular Reads”. The vampire books that I’ve read in the last couple of years were Goodreads recommendations and when I went to find them in a bookstore, they were not available to purchase. So I bought a NOOK and now I have a nook filled with Vampire YA and NA novels 🙂

Some Vampire romance novels in my nook:

✔ = Finished

▪▪▪▪ = Read one or more from the series but not all

🚫 = DNF

🔥 = Adult

Vampire Books I am anticipating:

The Beautiful by  Renée Ahdieh

The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

What’s your favorite monster? Do you like Vampire Romance novels?


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  1. Vampires are bae and folks can @ me if they have a problem with that! Love this list Jeimy! I haven’t heard of some of these books on your list but you best believe I will be checking them out! <3

    Also, I must be living under a rock because HOW DID I NOT KNOW THE BEAUTIFUL WAS INVOLVING VAMPIRES?!?!?!?!?!

      And I think I’m going to do a spin off post for Vampire books I have read and are on my TBR. I didn’t list all of them because well….your girl is obsessed!

  2. […] are my second favorite occult type (the first being Vampires and you can read my love for them here). Growing up in a family that comes from an island where witchcraft is very real to the culture, […]

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