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BOOKENDING AUTUMN 2019: Every Witch Needs a Familiar

Hello Fellow Bookworms!

For those of you still out of the loop, Bookending Autumn 2019 is one of the quarterly Bookend Events created and ran by two amazing book bloggers, Sam and Clo. The goal for each quarter is to discover new blogs, bring the community together and make new friends! You can track and join the fun by checking out the #BEAutumn19 hashtag on twitter 🙂

Today’s Bookending Autumn prompt was created by the one and only Jamsu @ Jamsu Dreams.


Every Witch Needs a Familiar

If you were a witch which magical creatures would you want as your familiar?

This is a question I’ve daydreamed about a lot in the twenty five years I’ve been alive. When writing short stories, I usually use this creature in some shape/way/form. I enjoy the symbolism this creature has taken over time in different cultures and how resilient they are. In those instances where I do imagine myself a witch, these creatures are a staple in that day dream. Either as a form I take or a companion.

Esteemed Bookworms, my familiar of choice would be…..

*Drum Roll*

A Raven.

I find the witch + raven dynamic an interesting one.

Ravens are curious and highly intelligent creatures. I feel like they would be incredibly useful for a witchling to have as a companion and familiar. Imagine training one to keep an eye out for intruders that get to close to your witch hut or even training one to find herbs for your spells. Not to mention, as Ravens can speak better than parrots, imagine how amusing it would be to have this small creature speak to unsuspecting people.

Let’s not forget the fact that having a Raven on your shoulder automatically gives you bada** points. Who’s going to dare mess with you? No one, that’s who.

What kind of creature would you have as your familiar? Let me know in the comments below or drop the link to your post!



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