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Back to Blogging! Hiatus Wrap Up

It feels so good to be back from hiatus, fellow bookworms! I’ve missed blogging so much but I needed the time to focus on other things. There is so much that I want to share with you guys so what better way than to make a Hiatus wrap up!

Haitus Wrap Up!

Hiatus Wrap upStats:

Views: 567 | Visitors: 275 | Top Referrer: Pinterest

The stats are not as bad as I thought they would be. I honestly thought that no one was going to be reading or visiting since I wasn’t promoting posts or doing any Pinterest magic this whole time. But it seems that the few pinterest posts I set up earlier in the year are still bringing in traffic!
Also, can I just say that the search engine traffic has gone up too! I’m pretty happy with these number considering I haven’t been blogging at all.

Hiatus Wrap up Books Read:

🌠 = Re-read | 🚫 = DNF | πŸ“š = Buddy Read | ✍🏽 = Reviewed

  1. Hands Down by Mariana Zapata
  2. Storm and Fury by Jennifer L Armentrout
  3. Boop and Eve’s Road Trip by Mary Sheriff

I didn’t necessarily kick reading slump butt; However, props to me for even reading three books!!!
I started on From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout, and I am waiting to start Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer which I’ll be reading for another awesome buddy read with Sam.

Hiatus Wrap Up – Hauls? Projects?

I didn’t buy a single book this whole time.

Your girl spend NADA on books. Zilch. Nothing.

I have a massive physical TBR pile that I have been hoarding looming over me and it was due time to start chipping away at it. Both From Blood and Ash and Storm and Fury were already in my bookshelf, Hands Down was free on Kindle Unlimited, and Boop and Eve’s Road Trip was an ARC. The money that I didn’t spend on books actually went into the project I’ve been working on this whole time.

If you follow me on Instagram then you most likely saw my announcement already:

I am opening my own art shop!

The shop is called JeiPop, a mash-up of my name and my love for art that just pops! It also serves as a little shout out to J-pop music and Japanese Pop culture, which were a big influence on me growing up. The whole reason I began to draw, back in my elementary school days, was because of Inuyasha and Tokyo Mew Mew. I was inspired by both animes and I wanted to draw the characters. Even draw my own versions of them! *hides all the fanart she’s drawn over the years*

The art shop will have Art Prints, Stickers, and Bookmarks relating to favorite books, anime/manga, video games, and other doodles. Stock is of limited availability for the time being as these products will all be HANDMADE by little ol me πŸ™‚
I’m trying to create the best product I can with the little experience I have in making stationary/stickers/bookmarks. I even bought a Cricut machine to help me make these bad boys faster and have been learning all tips and tricks to ProCreate. goes live on October 1 2020 at 10 am eastern time!
Originally it was supposed to launch on September 1st 2020 but life took an unexpected turn and it needed to be delayed….Your girl did something BIG. Like BIG BIG!

Bandit the Puppy - Hiatus Wrap Up

Bookworms, I present to you Bandit! I rescued Bandit on 8/18 from a local dog shelter. He came all the way from South Carolina, released by his previous owner along with his siblings. It was love at first sight for me and very stressful for him. Lol
Bandit is a very nervous puppy. He’s very afraid of everything, doesn’t know how to play with toys and doesn’t like to be touched. We are working very hard to gain his trust and show him that we love him very very much.

I’m so glad to be back! How has this last month treated you? Drop your recent blog posts below, lets catch up!



Hiatus Wrap Up Pinterest

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  1. Aaah welcome back from hiatus! Eeek I’m so excited for your shop launch and Bandit is adorable! He looks like he is a German Shepherd? Either way he’s adorable and I hope you have a wonderful Sept <3

    1. Thank you Clo!! <3 <3

      We don't know for sure since he's a rescue. All they had on his paperwork was Lab mix but we do think there is some sheperd in him! His ears, nose and big paws all point to it!
      We're going to do a dna test soon to see πŸ™‚

      Hope you have a great September too! So excited to be back πŸ™‚

      1. Yesss as someone who’s grown up with GSD’s I can deffo see some GSD in him <3 Awww can't wait to see what mix he is and thank you! <3

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